Friday's Finds

I love searching Craigs List (in case you haven't heard me say it a hundred times before). Today, I was visiting Kansas City in the Kansas and Missouri area. Let me just say I wish I could plan a road trip to that area. There is a lady selling all this beautiful Pyrex for $5 - $10 per piece. Buy 4 and get the 5th of equal value for free! She has several pieces that catch my fancy.

I jumped around so much on Craig's List, Pinterest, Ebay and Etsy that I don't remember what I found where. But I do know I would love to find this coffee cup. I was a Bazooka Joe fan from way back when. Still my favorite gum to chew. 

Goodwill had this entire set of Melmac dishes on their website, but once you added shipping the price was way out of my comfort zone. 

So, I'm 56 years old and had glasses since I was in the 4th grade. Do you think it is too late to go for contacts? I would love to own some fun sunglasses this year.
  I'm a huge fan of Snoopy so this coffee cup would be perfect for my collection. 

 For somebody who doesn't drink coffee, I'm awfully obsessed with mugs. I like this one as well. 

Again, loving me some Snoopy.

Another set of Melmac at an Estate sale. Maybe this summer I will find me a set.

Vintage Sunoco mug.

Couple of Jadeite mugs. I really like these.

These are very vintage, but I remember them very well. Wouldn't mind to find some like this. 

In keeping with my latest tulip obsession. I am definitely keeping my eyes open at yard sales for anything with tulips on it. 

Aren't these adorable? They are Glasbake and listed for sale on-line for $75 for the set. Not only NO, but NO WAY! For coffee cups? That I will never use. I think not. But they are so pretty. Image an nice spring table set for breakfast with these cups.

I am absolutely falling in love with anything pink this year. I am thinking that pink will be my signature color for 2013. 

Well, what have you found interesting in your world this week?

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Leslie said...

I love the beautiful colored dishes but I realllllly live those polka dot sun glasses. I wonder if, when you look through them, that the world is polka dotted. : )
have a great weekend.