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I love to read. I will read just about anything I can get my hands on, including the back of the cereal box. One of my favorite books since I was a little girl was Little Women. I have an old copy I found at an antique store that was from 1955 and I have a copy of it my son got me for my birthday in 1991. I even have two of the Ashton Drake collectible dolls....Beth and Jo. 

I need to find the Meg doll.

And the Amy one. 

Another old book I have belonged to my Mother. I'm not sure if she remembers she gave it to me or not, but I treasure it. 

It was given to her for Christmas in 1940 by the principal of the two room school she attended. When she told me that story, I wrote that in the front of the book so we would always remember it. 

I remember her getting it out and reading it to us and letting us look at it when we were little. The pages are brittle and I don't get it out much anymore, but I still remember it so well.  

I also have one of her old biology notebooks from high school. She was apparently very good at it. Look at her drawings how precise and her writing how neat. 

She also had some leaves pressed in from one of her projects or something. Best I can figure, these leaves are over 60 years old and still preserved very nicely between the pages of the books. 

In my spring cleaning, I also came across a teddy bear I got one year for my birthday. He's a little floppy and loved, but I still keep him on my bed. This was Herman. 

I love pulling out memories sometimes and just taking a look at them. 


Cathy Kennedy said...

Wow, I can't believe you have a your mother's vintage children's stories book. Have you thought about Goggling to see if you can locate a copy of it? Did you check with the publisher listed inside the book?

That's way cool you have your mother's old biology notebook! What a cool and interesting post you've shared with us today - just love it! BTW, Maine is really beautiful and if you ever get the opportunity, go see it for yourself!

Beth said...

Little Women has always been my favorite book. I have a copy and I have a DVD of all of the different movie versions. Beautiful!

Liz said...

Little Women was one of my favorite books. My daughter loved when I read it to her. Its so nice to have those things that once belonged to your mother. Very special!

retired not tired said...

My grandchildren love to read the books that were their parents favorites. Classics never go out of style. My favorite book is "Anne of Green Gables" and I have an Anne doll.