Spring Cleaning Changes

I was sitting on the couch yesterday evening and I said to hubby "I was just thinking." He got that deer in the headlight look, the one that makes me tread carefully so he doesn't bolt. Then I proceeded to tell him I wanted to make some changes in the beach room. We have been here a year and I just haven't decided on how I want furniture in the room. We just have some assorted "stuff' in there right now. 

I want to put my spare chairs back at the kitchen table and put some kind of bed in the room, but there is't much room and day beds are so expensive. But I saw something yesterday that was cute. They just pushed the bed up against the wall and threw pillows on it to make a couch. 

This next one they mounted a queen headboard on the wall and then put the twin bed up against it. Again, some pillows and you have a comfy couch for the kids to set on to watch TV during the evening, but it makes a nice bed for one of them to sleep on. I will do the same thing on the spare wall in my office so that I have two guest beds. I can get a roll away bed to keep in the closet for when there are 3 of them staying.

It looks like this one just used a really high mattress and built a foundation for the mattress and created more storage at the same time. 

This one is probably my favorite one. I love the storage area.

Another one with a queen headboard used for the "back" of the couch. 

Then that discussion triggered the discussion that I thought the bookcase took up too much space in the kids room and wondered about trading my TV stand in our master bedroom for the bookcase/entertainment center for our TV. Hubby actually liked the idea so we started cleaning everything off  both areas so we could make the switch. We paused in the living room on the way to take the bookcase to the bedroom. While it was setting in the floor, we both looked at each other at the same time and realized the bookcase made a perfect entertainment center for the living room TV. So we nixed the bedroom switch and put the bookcase in the living room and the TV stand from the living room went in the kids room.  No picture to post of the kids room until I get it the way I want it, but here is the entertainment center in the living room. 

I especially love the fact that I had room for my blue pitcher and bowl to come back in the living room and that my favorite hardback books had a new home. 

Now time to hit the yard sales for a twin frame and a queen headboard. I can then get a new twin set of mattress and box spring and get the kids room the way I want it. Have a great Saturday!

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everythingsewing said...

That looks so nice. The bookcase is so pretty and functional I am glad you were able to find such a nice place for it.
Always fun in the spring to bring new life to our homes.