Thank you Sara Lee

As a nation, we mourned the demise of Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes. We had to wipe our tears at the thought of no more Sweet 16 donuts and Ding Dongs. But through our despair, Sara Lee was quietly working in the background to bring us a new line of snack cake products. Imagine my excitement yesterday when I stumbled upon their new line. Cakes reminiscent of our beloved Hostess cupcakes.

Spongy goodness that rival that of our Twinkies. 

Donuts in chocolate or powdered sugar to tempt our taste buds. 

Cinnamon rolls and honey buns for glazed goodness. 

Then I spotted these that are like a rectangle Ding Dong instead of the traditional round. I thought those would be the ones I would try first. 

So I brought a box home with me. 

I took one out to sample it. 

Put it on a little plate.

And cut it in half to share with hubby. 

Was it good? Let's just say I decided hubby could get his own. I wasn't sharing. These were out of this world.

Thank you Sara Lee!


Kim said...

Mmm, I loved Twinkies. I will keep my eye out for these

Beth said...

I haven't seen any of those items in the stores yet. I will be watching for them.

Rachel said...

That's what I say! Whoo Hoo for Sara Lee!

mrken said...

These are basically Hostess brand's Chocodile, but with the creme set in just under the hood, instead of the properly fitted middle, like Hostess does its Twinkee then calls it a Chocodile.