Weekend wrap up

I had a great weekend. Garret came over to spend the night. I had gotten him a game for his birthday and we played it for about 4 hours Saturday evening. It is Axis and Allies, a World War II strategy game. We battled and I lost. I loved the tanks. I kept wanting to go after everything with my tanks. 

I had a hard time keeping the ships straight. I kept thinking a destroyer was more powerful than the battleships point wise simply because the destroyer was bigger. But in this game, bigger did not necessarily mean more powerful. 

He had to help me a lot because I kept making dumb moves and he would say, "Mamaw, are you sure you want to do that?" And I would say hmmm, I don't know. Then I would panic because I wasn't sure if I was making the right moves or not. I never did win, but I sure had fun playing. 

I did have time for a little project this weekend. It was basic and simple. I meant to take a before and after, but forgot. I had this vase that I wanted to put on a little shelf in the living room, but didn't want flowers on it. So I bought some rocks at Dollar Tree and a pretty vanilla candle and made a cute arrangement with the vase. 

The shelf has a little "outdoorsy" feel with the birds and wreaths on it. I think it needs a ribbon or jute or raffia around the rim. I'll have to try that out and see what I think.

I was very pleased with the final look and it added some height to the top of the shelf. 

Back when Hubby worked at Dollywood in the 1990's, their was a store that sold pictures and they would personalize a sign or a mailbox on the picture with your name. We are both train nuts (Daddy worked for the C & O Railroad) since we both grew up near the tracks and would hear the trains at night. So we fell in love with this picture and had to have it. You can see the little personalized mailbox on it. It hangs in the living room. 

When we put the bookshelf in the living room Friday night, I got two of hubbies trains (one is the C&O) and put them on top of the bookcase. He was so happy to have some of "his stuff" as decor in the living room. 

I had this braided rug in the bedroom by the bed, but decided to put it in front of the bookcase for a little extra "something". I love braided rugs and have a couple around the house.  

This past week, we switched from Comcast phone to AT&T land lines. I know it is a step backwards technology wise, but we have had some problems with Comcast these past few weeks and week before last was the straw that broke the camels back. Because Comcast ties into your internet and cable, any time one went down they all went down. Bottom line, I wanted a "regular" phone for my desk for my home office. So we switched back to AT&T for our land line. So I got a new phone for my desk and I'm loving it. 

I've got a busy week ahead of me so I'm going to run and get started on my "to-do" list. Have a great day. 

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