What I ate...

I see a lot of posts titled what I wore. I love looking at the outfits and wish I had some kind of sense of style. But the older I get, the more I go for comfort than fashion. Don't get me wrong, I dress nice enough but I won't win any fashionista awards. So instead of posting what I wore, I thought I would post what I ate this week. This was Wednesday's lunch. I couldn't decide what to eat and was feeling to lazy to make anything so I figured you can't go wrong with ice cream. But there was not peanuts to go on so I tired M & M's. It was delicious. 

Last night I decided I hadn't use any of my Pyrex in awhile so I checked the cabinet and found that I had a chocolate chip cookie mix I had not made. So I got out my new Town and Country bowl and my favorite little pink bowl so I could get my butter to room temperature. 

It was a snack size package, one of those that are just $1.00 and it only makes 12 cookies. That is the perfect size for me and hubby. So I dropped them on the cookie sheet. I was out of parchment paper. I normally NEVER make cookies without using my parchment paper but I didn't feel like running out for just one thing. 

I sat the timer for the required 10 minutes. I always set it for the lowest time they recommend and usually always have to go 2-3 minutes longer. You would think I would just set it at the 12 minutes to begin with with but I'm always worried they will get done at 10, but they never do. 

So while they were baking, I heated up some Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup and made a grilled cheese. If you look closely you will see there are not veggies in the soup. That is because I just like the flavor of the veggies in my broth, but I won't eat them. I'm a broth only soup gal. Even when I go out to eat, if I order veggie soup, I order it as "Vegetable soup with no vegetables." The waitress always scoops me out just broth. 

I got the cookies out to cool right as I sat down to eat. When I was finished eating, it was time for dessert. I am so addicted to Luigi's Sherbet. It is so delicious. It is like eating an orange Icee. It doesn't have that milky texture that other sherbets have. I did go on a rant the other day when I came home from the store. I usually eat two or three of these a week. Well, they are always 10 for $10 with my Food City Value card. It's been that way for over a year. But Food City has decided to take them off special and now they are $1.25 each. Yep, that's right. I got upset because they raised my price by .25 cents. But it is still the best Sherbet ever. 

So I fixed me a big bowl of sherbet and a little plate of cookies and had myself an awesome dessert. If you have never had chocolate with orange you do not know what you are missing. It is divine. 

Time to start my day with a healthy breakfast but all I hear are cookies and milk calling my name. Have a great day!


Creations By Cindy said...

You making me hungry! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Beth said...

It all sounds good!