A sneak peak on summer ....

I am so excited. The new Thirty-One summer catalog comes out on May 1st. Want to see a sneak peak at some of the new patterns?

I like the new black and white pattern with a pop of pink in it. This is also two of the new thermals. 

I like the new navy and aqua look too. Very summery. This new blue and aqua pattern is called Best Buds. I love it. 

I am in love with the new thermal and the newest pattern in the Inside Out bag. It's my favorite purse. Check out the thermal bottle carrier. That is on my MUST HAVE list.

And you know I am going to have to buy the flip flop thermal lunch tote. That is so me!

The Easy Breezy Tote in the Best Bud pattern would be great for the beach.

I really do like how they have incorporated the pop of pink into the black and white pattern.

One of my favorite Thirty-One products is the mini zipper pouch. And now they have added Flip Flops to the Little Expressions product line. Oh my, I will definitely get one of these. 

If you become a consultant during May - August, you will get all of these product below in your $99.00 kit. Becoming a Thirty-One consultant was one of the best decisions of my life. I would love to talk to you if you think you would like to become a consultant. 

All the items below are the May Special. It is a special on all the thermal products. More info to follow. 

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