Go the extra mile...

Sometimes it pays to literally go that extra mile. I went to a yard sale yesterday that was on Craig's List and it was really disappointing. There was one across the street that was unadvertised. It was a young girl and her grandmother. They had a few school/office supplies so I picked up four new folders and two packs of my favorite note pads for a total of $1.20.

As I turned out of the subdivision, I thought to myself, I think I'll go on up the road a mile just in case there are any more yard sales. Our little town doesn't always advertise, they just stick out a sign. Well, I am so glad I turned and went the way I did. I stumbled a cross a little second hand store that has just been opened three weeks. I normally have no need to go in that direction and it is in a residential area so it was a double surprise. It's called His & Hers Resale Shop. 


Talk about a pleasant surprise. Not only was it a new place to shop, it has some amazing items. 

I fell in love with this little bistro set right by the front door. The price was very reasonable but I have no room for it. 

They have some neat figurines. And she has everything displayed very nicely.

There was so much that I don't think I even looked at everything. As I look back over my pictures I see several things I missed, like this gorgeous white lamp off to the far left of the picture. I never even noticed it yesterday. I need to go back and check it out. 

I didn't notice the little beehive lamp with the blue shade. My daughter says I am obsessed with lamps this year and I fear she may be right. This beehive is just too cute. I should go get it for my office. Of course, when your nickname is B, you tend to gravitate to cute little bee related items. 

And the name is right. There is a lot for the "His" in your household as well. I should have checked out the coffee table books. I love a good deal on a book. 

Lots of tools and manly items for my better half to go check out later. 

I am still amazed at the sheer variety of products she has in the shop. I love figurines and she has some really cute one. 

I didn't think to get a price on this chair. I will check it out on my next trip. I have a friend that is looking for chairs to fix up for her craft room. This might just be exactly what she is looking for. 

Being short, I had not noticed the wire baskets on top this shelf. 

But I did spot some cute items on the lower shelf. I actually have a bunny rabbit like that pink one. 

Another cute little table and chairs set. Makes me want to enclose my back deck and fix a cute little breakfast nook on it. Check out the precious little lamp on the table. (there I go with the lamp again, daughter may just be right).

Lots of neat kitchen items from decor to useful to some vintage. She did tell me that she goes to estate sales to get a lot of her stuff so I can't wait to see what she adds as the summer goes along. 

I love purses and if I can get a deal on a purse in good shape, I will usually snap it up. She has quite a selection. And they are all like brand new. 

I have been looking for a red purse. This one caught my eye. It was a soft as could be. The inside is leopard print and the price...$4.95! Did it come home with me? Well, yeah. So thrilled. I've already changed my stuff to it so it can go shopping with me today. 

I need to go back over there first thing this morning. I was so excited about my red purse, I failed to walk around the rack to the other side. As I was posting the pictures, I saw this blue one that is a color my daughter loves. Since all the purses are $4.95, I think I will be in major trouble if I don't go get her this blue one today. 

But I have saved the best for last. As I was browsing through the kitchen items, a piece of vintage McKee glass caught my eye. It was in excellent shape, just needs washed and cleaned up. It was the sailboat pattern that I've been looking for. A 1930's vintage butter dish.

I held my breath as I looked at the price.....


Happy dance time. You betcha this definitely came home with me! I am beyond thrilled. I'm going to clean and shine it today and place it in a place of honor in my kitchen. I must have picked it up twenty times last night just to look at it and smile and say "mine, all mine." I will definitely keep visiting this little shop. 


ThrifterSisters said...

My sister has been coveting any piece of the McKee sailboat pattern forever. I would love to find her a piece but every one I come across is so expensive. Score for you!! Can't wait to see it in your display.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Martha Dehne said...

Cute...cute butter dish! Yay you! Also, in pics 5 & 6 what are the tray type things on the table? They look like they have multi colored glass in them...just curious...virtual thrifting!, marthajd@msn.com. :)

Marenda Stiles said...

I just love resale shop. This is one is on my list to go to now thanks. I just bought a three piece vera bradley purse and I got a good deal on in Rogersville Tennessee. It is called-- The English Rose.