Happy birthday hubby and changing up the decor

First things first. I want to wish my hubby a happy birthday today. He wants to go do some running around today and go out to eat. Hard to tell where we will go or what we will do. But I know we will have a great day. He did say he wants to take me to look for bedding sets for the day bed. 

Do you know what the four most feared words are in a marriage? In my household it is "I was just thinking." Scares hubby to death when I say that. Well, I said it last night and he got that deer in the headlights look. The one where you know he is furtively glancing around to look for cover because he doesn't know what is coming. Turns out it wasn't that bad. I had been thinking about my beach room and how thrilled I was to be getting a day bed. Then I started thinking about how I really never did get my beach theme going good because I never did add much stuff to it. The room has a floral border of wallpaper around the top and we never did paint or anything. And the one wing back chair I have in there is floral. So I decided to change it up some. I am going to change the whole theme of the room. I'm not sure that it will have a "theme" but I am going to make it more of a vintage room. I already have the wing back chair (which I may get a cover for because I'm tire of the flowers) and I have some vintage lace curtains on the window. 

I am considering switching the beach items to the master bath, but not really sure. I put a couple of things in there to try it out to see if I'm going to like it. 

I have or should say had a flower display in the corner of one of the sinks. When we moved it had cracked in half in two places so I super glued it back together and put it somewhere where I knew it would be safe. Turns out it wasn't that safe. When I picked it up to move it, it fell apart again and it landed inside the sink and shattered to pieces. I was so upset. My daughter-in-law got this for me years ago and it has always been one of my favorite floral arrangements. 

Hubby had a great idea. I pulled the plant out and was going to save it to find a new planter to put it in. 

I thought it was a bunch of loose stems, but it turns out it is one piece. 

Inspiration hit. I remembered a basket I had in the closet and went and got it out to see if it would work and see if I could use it in the room I'm redoing. 

I swapped out the black lamp that had been in there with my favorite lamp in the house. I placed the flowers beside it and I am loving the way it all turned out. My redecorating has begun. 

Doesn't this look like a cozy corner to set and read in on a rainy day? 


Linda said...

Isn't it fun to re-do a room? I get tired of things sometimes and want to re-do stuff...but I haven't in a while now. (But you are tempting me!)

I have a small guest room at the front of our house, and I have a twin bed in there which I have up against a wall and I use it like a day bed with lots of pillows! I also have a leather wing back chair and foot stool in there, and a tv, my desk and laptop in there also...and I treat it as "my space" everyday that we don't have guests! Ha! Even my husband calls it "my room"...and he knows where to find me each morning! I sit here to do my blog posts and to write poems, or to answer email...and also to get on facebook to check on my friends!

I have thought about getting new bedding and even looked for some, but I found that twin bedding is mostly juvenile...and it is hard to find much that I like. There are way less choices than for larger bed sizes. Soooo...I hope you will have better luck at finding what you like than I did. You may have to order it online.

Have a good weekend!

Love, Linda
@ Truthful Tidbits

Kim said...

I love day beds. Yours is beautiful. Have fun with your experimenting. Perfect Spring project!

NITA said...

Love your day bed it looks very comfy