Sis's recent craft projects

My sister Rachel wanted to drop by and share some of her recent craft projects with us today. She made a couple more of the dish clothes that I love. These are already spoken for but she has some more made and I've asked her to send me a couple more. I love these things. 

What a cute little bread basket liner. 

I love these. I guess I need to have her make me one of these for the refrigerator handle. 

A cute rooster dishtowel for decor. 

Her granddaughter made this potholder. I used to make these all the time when I was little. I have the weave and the loops now. My grandson Garret when through a time when he would make them for me. I need to get some more made. I love them. 

This wasn't a craft item. But I wanted to share her cupcake stand with her Fiesta Ware plates in it. 

A couple more dishclothes. 

She made one of those fleece blankets that you buy the kit and cut the fleece and tie it off to make the blanket. I have always want to try one of these. I need to make one now. She made this one for her grandson that plays baseball. 

It looks really easy. 

Then she made herself a quilt to take to the ballfield. They have some cool evenings on the late games. Especially the ones that are in early spring like now.  

She used the old fashioned process of simply tacking the quilt with embroidery thread. 

She made her granddaughter one of the fleece blanket kits as well. 

Don't you just love Hello Kitty?

I love showcasing the craft talent in my family. I just wish I had gotten some of it. Who knows, I may have some of the talent if I could ever sit still long enough to try to do anything. Thanks, Sis, for sharing with us today. 

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everythingsewing said...

Those look like some great projects.