Craft Ideas ....

I am loving this little box and the coasters to go with it.

SALE - Coaster Set - Patriotic - Red, white, blue - set of 4 - plastic canvas

SALE - Coaster Set - Patriotic - Red, white, blue - set of 4 - plastic canvas

I may have to make a set of these. I checked through my drawers of yarn and found these colors that might work. What do you think?

This little table mat is cute but I don't usually undertake anything this major. But I do like it. And this picture makes me want a red, white and blue mug.

American Quilt

I make little birdhouses out of plastic canvas. They are so easy and very fun to make. It only takes about an hour to make one.

I think I'm going to make some and make a Chevron pattern on them. I think that will be cute. Here is some more yarn I pulled from my stash that I think I'll make my first one in. I have so much yarn that I just shop my own house when I need yarn.

And while I am on the subject of crafts, I found some burlap for just $3.99 and I have some material and buttons I had bought a while back that I think I will use to make the patriotic banners I saw on Pinterest.

I've got an idea of something else to make that will use up some of the patriotic scrapbook paper I have. 

Since I won't need my whole yard of burlap, I dug through my material to find some to try an idea I have. 

Have you seen the new felt that Hobby Lobby is carrying? Instead of solid colors, they have patterns. They are just .50 cents each. Don't know what you would do with them, but I loved them. 

I'm going to cut out my birdhouses and coasters and get started working on them soon. 


Weekend Wrap Up & Pyrex Pleasures

I got a package from my sister last week and she had sent me a couple more of the crochet dishcloths I adore. I love the colors in these. 

I am not a NASCAR fan but while I was stopped at a gas station I noticed this racing semi that had the back doors open, so I snapped a pic just for fun. Not even sure who's truck this is. 

I had some Mother's Day money so I took myself to a store that has tons of booths in it. It is not an antique store so the prices were very reasonable. I am in love with the 401 mixing bowls. They are the smallest in the nesting bowls. I have a divided serving dish in the Americana so this is my second piece in that pattern. 

I do not have any yellows. When I spotted this baby sitting on the shelf, I knew it had to come home with me. I thought it might be part of the daisy Cinderella, but one of my Facebook groups thinks it is the Town and Country solid yellow. It is a soft shade of yellow, not bright. Any experts know for sure which set? I just know I adore it. 

But the one that made my day was my very first piece of turquoise. I am beyond thrilled. I have this in the flamingo pink so I have been looking everywhere for the turquoise. 

Aren't my solids pretty all stacked together? I just know hubby is going to claim the yellow for when he makes country steak and gravy. It is the perfect size. 

I also got this cool plate. It says British Bread and Cheese plate. It is made by John Buck in England. I don't have a clue if it is vintage or not, but I fell in love with it. 

Not a bad haul for less than $20 including tax. Made for a great Mother's Day gift. And the great part is...I haven't even washed them up yet. They looked this good right off the shelf. SCORE!


Happy Mother's Day, Mommy

Happy Mother's Day to the best Mother in the world. She has been there for us through good times and through bad. Through laughter and tears. Through joy and sorrow and through heartaches and pain. She has stood by and let us leave the nest with tears in her eyes and hugged us with love when we come back to visit. 

She is my hero. She is my best friend, my confidant. The one I turn to when I need assurance, when I need to share a funny story, when I need to shed a tear or just when I need to talk.

She has bandaged many a boo boo and wiped many a tear. She has laughed with us at our antics on those times when words just don't cover how funny we could be. She filled our world with love. She made us chocolate cakes and oatmeal cookies and homemade biscuits. She taught us how to sew and how to knit and crochet. She taught us how to love and how to raise our children to say please, thank you, your welcome. She taught us how to enjoy life. She taught us how to keep a clean house and how to hang out clothes. She taught us how to make sweet tea and homemade cornbread. 

She taught us to wash behind our ears and to always wear clean underwear. She taught us how to brush our teeth and say our prayers. She taught us the wonder of Christmas, the excitement of birthdays and the joy of spending time outside. She taught us how to say "Goodnight, I love you." to the whole family before you go to bed at night. 

She taught us that when we disobeyed there was a price to pay. She taught us how that price was to have to stay inside and set one on a couch and one on a chair and not get down till she told us to. And we knew to obey the command. 

She taught us not to go in the big ditch and not to play in the middle of  the road. She taught us to be home by curfew. She taught us to take long walks on Sunday. She taught us the beauty and peace to be found the quiet woods. 

She taught us to share our toys and play well with others. She taught us to jump rope and how to play jacks. She taught us to love a good book and to do our homework. She taught us to play Rook and Scrabble and to just enjoy spending time together. 

She taught us so many things throughout our life, but the greatest gift of all was that she taught us how to love. 

Thank you Mom for dedicating your life to being the best Mommy in the world. We love you. Happy Mother's Day from Rachel, Brenda, Jack and Andy. 


The funniest hubby story ever...

A funny story to tell on my hubby. He knows I love watching the Big Bang Theory. I had mentioned months ago that I would like to find a DVD of the first season. But I never thought any more about it. He has to work on Mother's Day so we celebrated it last night. I came home and walked into the kitchen where he was fixing one of my favorite meals and there, on the kitchen table, lay a DVD of the first season of Big Bang Theory. I screamed. I ran to him and gave him a big hug and kiss and told him he was the best hubby ever. I just kept saying I can't believe you remembered me wanting this. I was so surprised and so excited. He is SO awesome.

He just smiled and looked at me and said "I don't know why you are surprised. You left me a note to get it for you for Mother's Day." I blankly looked at him and asked him what he was talking about. He said "You wrote it at the top of your list on the refrigerator." I walked over to see what in the world I wrote. 

Here was the list:

Yes, he was right. There it was at the top of the list...DVD for Mother's Day. However, that note was to remind me to buy a package of blank DVD's because I needed to burn something 0n DVD to use in Pre-K class for Sunday School. It was NOT a note telling him to get me a DVD for Mother's Day. I couldn't stop laughing. We both got a kick out of it. Only my hubby would put a note to myself together with a comment made months ago and get me the perfect gift. 

But it had a happy ending. I got my DVD and he gave me Mother's Day money to go buy me some white flip flops like these black ones today since they were also on my list. 

I just love this man of mine!


The road to happiness...

Ever wonder what the road to happiness looks like. Well, here it is. It's an old country road nestled in the outskirts of the little village I grew up in. 

Why is it the road to happiness? Because I can always take my memories of the old home place out and think about those days of growing up in the old house. I remember laughter and joy and smiles and happiness. 

I remember family love and gatherings. I remember us growing up in that old home place. I remember us coming back every year for birthdays, summer cookouts, Christmas parties and just to get together and have fun. 

I remember bringing our kids back and watching them play in the same places we played when we were growing up. 

I remember ice cream on the back patio. Little boys and little girls being outside in the summer and just having fun. Not worrying about what was on TV or what video game to play. 

I remember Mom posing us to take our pictures on that old block wall out back. Yes, that's me with my curly hair. 

I remember the old well house and how we could only run our bath water until the well light came on. The next person would have to wait awhile so the pump could build back up before we ran more water. I remember city water coming up that old country road back in the late 80's or early 90's and how heart broken I was when Mom said Dad was tearing the well house down.

I remember cheers and little girls running freely and creating dances and routines to Hank Jr.'s All My Rowdy Friends and I remember them performing with all their heart as they used the old picnic table in the yard as their stage. 

I remember boys and baseball and being careful not to let the ball go over the hill. I spent many a trips up and down the path by the old oak tree when it was my turn to go get the ball because somebody knocked it over the hill. 

But most importantly, I remember the love and the happiness that being at that old house up that old country road brought to our lives.


Just a flippin' and a floppin'

Some of my favorite pairs of flip flops are wearing out and it looks like it time to go flop shoppin'. I went on line to check out Belk specials and found a lot of flops that would be perfect for summer. 

I love turquoise/aqua this year and these are really cute. 

I also go nuts over anything nautical and I would love to have a pair of these. 

I just love the single little jewel tone that is added on these to dress them up a little. These really look summery.

Perfect for a picnic since the insole reminds me of a picnic tablecloth.

You can't go wrong with pastel plaids. These are too cute for words.

The older I get the more 'bling' I like. And gold tone flops fall under my bling category. 

These pink was are really precious. 

But the pair that really caught my eye was the Croc jelly flip flop in aqua. Be still my heart!


Red, White and Blue ... Very Pinteresting

I can't believe it is already May 8th. Where does time go? I need to go "shopping" my house to find some items for Memorial Day decor. The great thing about the patriotic holidays is that you can use the same red, white and blue for Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth. That covers May, June and July. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest. This would be easy. I have tons of vases, jars and bottles and this is simply colored rice in the Mason jars and you can find those little flags at most Dollar Stores.

Talk about simple to make. The wooden frame part could be any shape or size. Just drill your holes through it, thread your ribbon and hang a star. I have got to put this on my to do list. 

I love this display. I don't have a mantel, but I do have an entertainment center that this would look good on. I need to find one of those wooden frames. I have the flag from Daddy's military funeral and it is in a plastic zipper bag, but I think I will find one of these wooden ones. My daughter may even sell them at her work. I'll have to remember to ask her. 

I love this little birdhouse. I think I will look for some of these. AC Moore and Old Time Pottery have lots of these types of items. 

This one is adorable. I know AC Moore has unfinished wood bird houses in all shapes and sizes. I do't paint real perfect so that would be an added benefit if I want to go with the rustic look. Even I could do stripes and I could use flat star buttons for the stars. 

This is adorable and would so simple for my pre-K craft time at Sunday School. Some plastic streamers and plastic table cloth for the blue part. Glue on big white buttons and drape everything on a dowel rod. Simple as can be. 

How cute are these streamers. (The little girls are adorable too).  The main part could be made from construction paper and the streamers from crepe paper streamers. I see a need for red, white and blue construction paper in my pre-K future. 

Okay, finally, something I can do that is artsy crafty, involves pretty material and is simple as 1-2-3. This is my next Pinterest project. Just some burlap, Jute string, my favorite red, white, and blue materials and some good old Wunder Under. I will be making this for sure. 

I see Milk glass bowls all the time but just don't know what to do with them. Now I do. Flea Market and yard sell time!

I want to learn how to make these. They couldn't be that hard. 

This is not red, white and blue but it could be. Talk about simple to make.  Hubby drinks a lot of YooHoo chocolate drink and I have been stock piling the little bottles. This may be a good project for those bottles. 

This is cute. And if you didn't have the wood, you could use card stock from the scrapbook store to do this and hang it in the house. 

Talk about an easy wreath to make. I may get the stuff this weekend to make this one. I need something for the front door. 

This is gorgeous. Does anybody know if these are easy to make or not?

I would say a trip to Hobby Lobby is in my future.