Happy Mother's Day, Mommy

Happy Mother's Day to the best Mother in the world. She has been there for us through good times and through bad. Through laughter and tears. Through joy and sorrow and through heartaches and pain. She has stood by and let us leave the nest with tears in her eyes and hugged us with love when we come back to visit. 

She is my hero. She is my best friend, my confidant. The one I turn to when I need assurance, when I need to share a funny story, when I need to shed a tear or just when I need to talk.

She has bandaged many a boo boo and wiped many a tear. She has laughed with us at our antics on those times when words just don't cover how funny we could be. She filled our world with love. She made us chocolate cakes and oatmeal cookies and homemade biscuits. She taught us how to sew and how to knit and crochet. She taught us how to love and how to raise our children to say please, thank you, your welcome. She taught us how to enjoy life. She taught us how to keep a clean house and how to hang out clothes. She taught us how to make sweet tea and homemade cornbread. 

She taught us to wash behind our ears and to always wear clean underwear. She taught us how to brush our teeth and say our prayers. She taught us the wonder of Christmas, the excitement of birthdays and the joy of spending time outside. She taught us how to say "Goodnight, I love you." to the whole family before you go to bed at night. 

She taught us that when we disobeyed there was a price to pay. She taught us how that price was to have to stay inside and set one on a couch and one on a chair and not get down till she told us to. And we knew to obey the command. 

She taught us not to go in the big ditch and not to play in the middle of  the road. She taught us to be home by curfew. She taught us to take long walks on Sunday. She taught us the beauty and peace to be found the quiet woods. 

She taught us to share our toys and play well with others. She taught us to jump rope and how to play jacks. She taught us to love a good book and to do our homework. She taught us to play Rook and Scrabble and to just enjoy spending time together. 

She taught us so many things throughout our life, but the greatest gift of all was that she taught us how to love. 

Thank you Mom for dedicating your life to being the best Mommy in the world. We love you. Happy Mother's Day from Rachel, Brenda, Jack and Andy. 


Beth said...

A beautiful tribute to your mother!

Happy Mother's Day!!

NITA said...

I agree with Beth, thank you for sharing it with us.