Red, White and Blue ... Very Pinteresting

I can't believe it is already May 8th. Where does time go? I need to go "shopping" my house to find some items for Memorial Day decor. The great thing about the patriotic holidays is that you can use the same red, white and blue for Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth. That covers May, June and July. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest. This would be easy. I have tons of vases, jars and bottles and this is simply colored rice in the Mason jars and you can find those little flags at most Dollar Stores.

Talk about simple to make. The wooden frame part could be any shape or size. Just drill your holes through it, thread your ribbon and hang a star. I have got to put this on my to do list. 

I love this display. I don't have a mantel, but I do have an entertainment center that this would look good on. I need to find one of those wooden frames. I have the flag from Daddy's military funeral and it is in a plastic zipper bag, but I think I will find one of these wooden ones. My daughter may even sell them at her work. I'll have to remember to ask her. 

I love this little birdhouse. I think I will look for some of these. AC Moore and Old Time Pottery have lots of these types of items. 

This one is adorable. I know AC Moore has unfinished wood bird houses in all shapes and sizes. I do't paint real perfect so that would be an added benefit if I want to go with the rustic look. Even I could do stripes and I could use flat star buttons for the stars. 

This is adorable and would so simple for my pre-K craft time at Sunday School. Some plastic streamers and plastic table cloth for the blue part. Glue on big white buttons and drape everything on a dowel rod. Simple as can be. 

How cute are these streamers. (The little girls are adorable too).  The main part could be made from construction paper and the streamers from crepe paper streamers. I see a need for red, white and blue construction paper in my pre-K future. 

Okay, finally, something I can do that is artsy crafty, involves pretty material and is simple as 1-2-3. This is my next Pinterest project. Just some burlap, Jute string, my favorite red, white, and blue materials and some good old Wunder Under. I will be making this for sure. 

I see Milk glass bowls all the time but just don't know what to do with them. Now I do. Flea Market and yard sell time!

I want to learn how to make these. They couldn't be that hard. 

This is not red, white and blue but it could be. Talk about simple to make.  Hubby drinks a lot of YooHoo chocolate drink and I have been stock piling the little bottles. This may be a good project for those bottles. 

This is cute. And if you didn't have the wood, you could use card stock from the scrapbook store to do this and hang it in the house. 

Talk about an easy wreath to make. I may get the stuff this weekend to make this one. I need something for the front door. 

This is gorgeous. Does anybody know if these are easy to make or not?

I would say a trip to Hobby Lobby is in my future.

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Creations By Cindy said...

Makes me wanna drag out my red, white and blue! Hugs and blessings, Cindy