Thank you, Miss Goodman

In honor of National Teacher's Day, I want to give a big thank you to Miss Carolyn Goodman, my 12th grade Business English teacher. 

Carolyn R. Goodman

She provided me with a good strong, solid background in letter writing for any occasion. My love of writing started then. 

She was strict and she was stern, but she was very fair and would spend hours helping you understand what she expected of you. 

She didn't tolerate fools and her class was very organized and she ran a tight ship. You were given a business situation, you discussed in depth how to deal with it, the you had to write a letter addressing the situation. It was an A or it was an F. There was no middle ground. One forgotten comma, one dangling participle and you were sure to earn a big fat F. I am happy to say that she was such an awesome teacher that I made it through with straight A+ on my report cards with Miss Goodman.

She was by far one of the scariest teachers I ever had, but yet one of the best. I have always talked about Miss Goodman and what I learned from her. She's the reason I love the business world and she's the reason I love to write. 

Thank you Miss Goodman for your many years of dedicated service to the education system. You are greatly missed by all. 

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