The road to happiness...

Ever wonder what the road to happiness looks like. Well, here it is. It's an old country road nestled in the outskirts of the little village I grew up in. 

Why is it the road to happiness? Because I can always take my memories of the old home place out and think about those days of growing up in the old house. I remember laughter and joy and smiles and happiness. 

I remember family love and gatherings. I remember us growing up in that old home place. I remember us coming back every year for birthdays, summer cookouts, Christmas parties and just to get together and have fun. 

I remember bringing our kids back and watching them play in the same places we played when we were growing up. 

I remember ice cream on the back patio. Little boys and little girls being outside in the summer and just having fun. Not worrying about what was on TV or what video game to play. 

I remember Mom posing us to take our pictures on that old block wall out back. Yes, that's me with my curly hair. 

I remember the old well house and how we could only run our bath water until the well light came on. The next person would have to wait awhile so the pump could build back up before we ran more water. I remember city water coming up that old country road back in the late 80's or early 90's and how heart broken I was when Mom said Dad was tearing the well house down.

I remember cheers and little girls running freely and creating dances and routines to Hank Jr.'s All My Rowdy Friends and I remember them performing with all their heart as they used the old picnic table in the yard as their stage. 

I remember boys and baseball and being careful not to let the ball go over the hill. I spent many a trips up and down the path by the old oak tree when it was my turn to go get the ball because somebody knocked it over the hill. 

But most importantly, I remember the love and the happiness that being at that old house up that old country road brought to our lives.

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