I had an idea.....

I had an idea this morning concerning tablecloths. I love vintage tablecloth. My favorites are the ones with the pinks and blues. 

The problem is that when I find them, they usually have stains that are pretty bad and I don't know if I could get the stain out. 

The other problem is the size. My table needs a 102" long tablecloth and those are just about impossible to find. 

I see a lot of people who buy the vintage table cloths and make pillow from them. 

But I really don't use that many pillows. So I kept looking and saw where people use them to make kitchen towels.

And I thought that was cute and I could do that. But I also thought about using them to make a table runner.

Then last night, I was going through the house turning the lights off before bedtime. As I walked through the kitchen it hit me....APRONS! I love aprons and I thought that is something that I could make from vintage tablecloths. Any stains would not matter as I could use the good part of the material for the apron. How cute would that be?

Then I thought of pot holders as well. 

And how cute to make them with pockets and enclose your favorite recipe for a little gift. 

I think I am on to something. May need to go antiquing this weekend to look for some old linens. 

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