I was in Pyrex heaven

This has been my lucky weekend as far as Pyrex goes. I put some of my items I don't really want any more up for trade in my Facebook group. So far, I have traded several items so I should be getting some goodies delivered to me soon. I am getting a Snowflake divided dish to go with my set, a snowflake garland bowl, and a Colonial Mist mixing bowl. The one I am most excited about is the Pyrex black gooseberry 441 bowl. I am very excited to receive it.

I was on Facebook yesterday morning and my cousin surprised me with an unexpected offer. When I go to my Mom's in November, I will be bringing back this beauty with me. 

Since I was in Pyrex mode, I decided to head out to an antique store I hadn't visited in awhile. I was glad I did. I found this Pyrex cup and plate for just $3.00 for the set. This is perfect for hot chocolate and a donut. 

A few booths over, I found this beautiful Pyrex Opal Casserole dish for just $6.00. These prices are so rare at an antique store. Since I collect this style of bowl and I have nothing in opal yet, I snatched this up. 

I went into a booth that was loaded with Pyrex and found this piece sitting on the shelf. First off let me say that I never have any luck find pieces with lids and when I do it is usually not the lid that was supposed to be with it. This is a Pyrex 503 "fridgie" in the Verde pattern. The lid says 503 Pyrex on one end so that led me to believe they went together. The price was just $10 and I really wanted it but I wasn't taking any chances. So I snapped a pic and posted in my Pyrex 4 Trade group asking if this was the right lid and was $10 a good price. The responses came immediately. Everyone said YES and that it was an awesome deal. One later said "Pay the lady and run like h***." I assume that meant it was an awesome deal. Needless to say this baby came home with me. 

Then I was talking to my mom about all my good deals and she reminded me that she also has a bowl that my sister gave her to hold for me to get when I come in. It is the Butterfly Gold 444. I can't wait to get it. 

Needless to say I am in Pyrex heaven right now. 

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