Just in time for baking season..

I got this lovely in the mail yesterday. It is the Colonial Mist mixing bowl. Colonial Mist is one of my fave patterns. I was so excited with the trade!

When I was at the store, I happened upon a new flavor of Betty Crocker Icing. Whoever decided to mix chocolate and caramel together for icing is a genius. Can't wait to try this on a chocolate devils food cake. 

I got up this morning and made brownies in my new mixing bowl. I love baking and this time of year gives me that opportunity. These will be used tonight in making one of my favorite desserts, Reese Peanut Butter Brownie trifle. Yum. Can't wait. 

Since I have to cut the brownies small for the trifle, I bake them in a cake pan with parchment paper. That way I can lift them out easy and then just use my pizza cutter to run through them to make the small bite size I need. 

Come back tomorrow for the finished dessert with step by step instructions. 

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