Loving these.....

I love exploring Craig's List. I even look in areas where I don't live, especially for Pyrex. Somebody in Vancouver, WA has this gorgeous set of  Pyrex Shenandoah mixing bowls. Her price simply says "make offer". This makes me want to find a set with this pattern somewhere closer to home. 

This Pyrex Blue Horizon set is also in Vancouver. They are asking $75 for the set which personally I think is a little steep. But they sure are pretty. 

Pyrex promotional $35

I may  have to fit some antique shopping into my weekend.

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ThrifterSisters said...

Horizon Blue is one of my favorite patterns to collect. I have that whole set but am happy to say that I thrifted each and every piece. It took a while to put it together but cost a lot less than $75!

Have a great weekend. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find some Pyrex :-)