The Wonder of Wonder-Under

I love Wonder-Under. I have become obsessed with finding crafts to make with it. On a recent trip to our local used book store, I found this book called "The Wonder-Under Book of Christmas Creations".  The price? Just .25 cents so I had to have it. 

They have some awesome craft and gift ideas. This matching scarf, hat and mittens is just too adorable for words. 

I love this angel that was in the pattern book. My cousin makes things similar to this and it made me think of her when I saw it.  

These would be so simple to make and would be an adorable way to decorate a small tree. I may have to do this for a little tree in my kitchen or the kids room.  

I just love these stockings. They would be easy to make. 

The reason is adorable. I love poinsettias. 

I like this idea. They have made the fabric ornaments then attached them to boxes. This would be perfect to give gifts of cookies in the boxes with the ornament on the outside like a tag. 

These were used to decorate a coffee can that had been spray painted red. Again, a great idea for a gift for cookies or baked goods. 

These little snowman dish towels would be so simple to make. 

I love these little trinket boxes. You can buy these boxes at AC Moore and paint them. Then simply make a yo yo for the top of the box and add a star, heart or button for decor on the top. Just too cute for words. 

I am loving these gingerbread men pillows. 

And the placemats with the gingerbread men. 

This would be cute to put on a fleece blanket and give it as a gift. 

If you have a small lamp that you love, you could buy a spare shade and do this so you could change out the lamp at Christmas.

I love Santa's and this would be so cute for my spare chair in the living room. 

These little trees would be so simple. You could put them on pillows, stockings, dish towels, table runners, the ideas are unlimited. 

And the wonderful part is that the book has all the patterns in the back of the book.

Now I can't wait to get started on some of these projects.

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