Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend started off busy with making chocolate cinnamon cookies with chocolate frosting. 

Saturday morning, I headed out to my Thirty-One meeting. I took a couple of tea cups 

When I came home, I stopped at the mail box and there were a couple of keys to the larger boxes and I found this packages waiting for me.

I had traded some Pyrex in my Pyrex 4 Trade Facebook group. The first box had my snowflake divided dish. 

The next one had a piece I was so excited to get. It is the black gooseberry pattern. Very hard to find around here and this is the first time I've seen this pattern in person. I love it. 

The last box was the Snowflake Garland. Isn't she a cutie?

After I ooo'ed and awe'd over my Pyrex, I got busy getting the food for my Origami Owl ready. First thing I did was to sit my ghost cookie jar in the middle of my milk glass cake plate. I surrounded it with orange iced cookies.

Then I sit up my counter with the food. I love the little serving cup and napkins in the argyle pattern. 

I used a lot of my Pyrex in the fall patterns. I thought it turned out pretty good. 

A friend of mine at work gave me a recipe for ham & cheese bread using Crescent rolls. They turned out really good. 

My daughter-in-law gave me a recipe for Luvin' Spoonfuls which is made with biscuits, sausage and cream cheese. I had a hard time with the biscuits rolling into balls so I ended up doing them like turnovers. They were delicious. 

I used my new black gooseberry bowl to put mini Oreo's in .... vanilla and chocolate. 

The party was a ton of fun. We played with the charms and the necklaces to create what we wanted. I'm still deciding a few more things on mine, but it looks like I earned enough to get the locket and chain I want plus my charms.

All in all, it was a great day.

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