An early Christmas gathering...

Due to all the busy schedules with my Thirty-One sisters, we decided to have our annual Christmas party yesterday. We had lots of great food. 

The ham and cheese sliders with spicy mustard was delicious. I could have sat and eaten the all night. 

I also loved a cheese dip that had bacon in it. I am going to get the recipe and I will share it with you when I do. 

The desserts were so decorative and delicious that I couldn't stop sampling them.

The banana pudding was out of this world.

This cake batter dip with Scooby snacks was really delicious.

My favorite was the brownies decorated like little Christmas trees. 

And the cupcakes decorated with a turkey.

There were lots of dips to try and some mini pigs in a blanket with some awesome sausage balls. 

We had an awesome time. 

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