Edgar needs a pal

Many of you will recall last year when Edgar the Elf came to visit for the holidays. 

He was always into something and his shenanigans landed him in a lot of trouble at times. 

I could occasionally calm him down by sharing my hot cup of peppermint cocoa with him. 

And he did help me type on my blog when I got to busy to do it myself. 

He was a great little helper when I started my baking and even helped me find all my favorite recipes. 

Of course, when we went to bake he had to try out my new Pyrex bowl before I could begin mixing ingredients. 

I made the mistake of letting him see where I was storing the cookies we made and the next morning I woke up to find him almost comatose on a sugar high.

I thought he learned his lesson but apparently not because a few days after the cookie incident he was helping wrap presents and I caught him with my Junior Mints and Orange Crush.

I was thinking that if he had a friend, he might not get in too much trouble. I was going to let Ginger hang out with him this year. But then I remember how much he liked to bother her last year so I may have to rethink it. Of course, if he hangs out with her and gets too much out of hand she can always whack him up side of the head with her Welcome Winter sign. We will just have to see. 

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Kim said...

Lol. I remember his antics. Too funny. But he looks to much like a clown for me to have an elf in the house. ;)