He's Back!....and he brought a friend!

Many of you remember Edgar from last year. He is back again ... and this time he brought a friend. Meet Ms. Elaine. Elaine is a little on the quiet side, but is very firm on how things should be done. I am in hopes she will be a calming influence on Edgar. He was a handful last year. 

They watched quietly last night while I did a little decorating. I was thrilled to use my new Pyrex snowflake patterns I have accumulated this year. My friend made the towel. I think this is going to be my favorite Christmas display this year. I only did a little decorating before bedtime so I was in hopes that Edgar didn't get into too much mischief last night. 

I thought things might be better since I got up this morning and found him quietly having a cup of hot chocolate with his new friends Chilly and Rudy. I could hear him telling them about all his antics last year. Oh, I hope he is not going to be a bad influence. 

He visited some old friends, Ginger and Mr. Frost. Unfortunately, Ginger remembers how many times he tried to get her in trouble last year. It doesn't appear she was too eager to welcome him home.

EDGAR! We had this same problem last year. STAY AWAY FROM MY PYREX! Even hubby is afraid to touch certain pieces. I get a little freaky about my Pryex.

It appears things may not be as calm as I hoped this year. He never could resist the glittery sparkly decor.

But he did try to help by starting to fluff some of the tree branches. I'm pretty sure that the minute my back was turned he probably was swinging from them. Who knows with Edgar. 

And where was Ms. Elaine while he was getting into mischief? Snuggled up in her bed fast asleep. I will have to have a talk with her. I'm not sure how much help she is going to be. 

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Rachel said...

I love your Pyrex display. So pretty! I can't believe Edgar is back!

Stephanie G. said...

I'm glad to see Edgar has Elaine to keep him in line this year! Cause little Edgar is always getting into trouble! First they are sitting together on the couch/chair, then Edgar decides he wants something to drink from the snowman mug, then he decides to go say hi to ginger and Mr frost from last year, (ginger is a little worried cause Edgar got her in alot of trouble last year) then he is standing on and touching you Pyrex! (THATS A BIG NO NO EDGAR!) Then he is touching your sparkly decor and hanging/swinging from the branches on the tree! He is already getting into so much trouble where is Elaine she is supposed to keep him in line?? Oh there she is nice and cozy just sleeping away on the chair/couch! :)