I love Saturdays!

I love starting my Saturday off with a clean house. Been up since 5:30 and got everything done. Changed my purse this morning to go shopping today. I'm really into polka dots. I've been accumulated some of the new fall items in the polka dot patterns from Thirty-One. Then yesterday, I found a red/pink polka dot Martha Stewart notebook at Staples. Wrote my shopping list in it for the grocery store later today and now I'm ready to roll.

I have been trading Pyrex in one of my Facebook groups and just received this lovely piece in the mail yesterday from a lady I traded with. I was so excited. I love the 403 mixing bowls. I have this pattern in a fridgie, but this is my first butterprint bowl.

I found this awesome looking cake frosting last week. I decided to bake a cake last night. Then I thought, well what if I don't like the frosting? So I opened it before I baked the cake and took a taste. Suffice it to say I didn't bother baking the cake and I guess I need to stick with homemade icing. This stuff was not good. Hubby even made a face when he tasted it and he is not as picky as I am. 

My phone cover is starting to get a little worn. I need a new one. The one I have is just the white one that I got with the phone as a freebie. I would love to find something like this one. 

Or even something blingy like this.

May head to one of the Kiosks in West Town Mall today to see what they have. Hope everybody has a great day.

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ThrifterSisters said...

Yay on the Butterprint bowl! It is one of my go-to patterns for baking.

Have you ever tried looking on Amazon for phone cases? You can find them for SUPER cheap!

Have a great Saturday. It's my favorite day of the week too :-)