Running behind

Thanksgiving day is almost upon us. Just two weeks and two days away. I am so far behind on what I need to be doing.

By now, I usually have my menu made in an Excel form with a column for ingredients of every dish we have. Then I mark off the ingredients we have and use the remainder to create a grocery list of what we need.

By this time, I also have a list with what needs to be done around the house such as getting out the good china and washing them up, selecting the table linens and getting them washed and pressed.

By this time, I have signed up for Black Friday Ads and have started a list of things to look for on that day. So what have I done about it so far? I finally signed up two days ago and haven't even had a chance to go look at any of the ads.

I guess my plans for this evening needs to be to get busy and get organized for Thanksgiving and the weekend that follows. 

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Rachel said...

You better hurry! I have been having trouble commenting. Let me know if this works.