This, that and the other

Sunday was a rainy, dreary day. On my way home from dropping off the grandbabies, I decided to pop into my favorite antique store. 

Wandering the aisles while listening to rain pounding on the roof was a great way to spend an afternoon. There were lots of sections that were overflowing with just an assortment of "stuff".

I did see a couple of areas that featured some Christmas items. But nothing I was really looking for.

I did see a box of Shiny Brights. I just wish they had not been all one solid color. 

Naturally, I had to check out some of the Pyrex, but didn't see anything in this section that caught my fancy.

I did see some pretty neat old rotary dial phones. 

When I finished checking out the downstairs, I went up to the second floor of the barn. This is my favorite floor. 

You never know what they will have up there. 

But I knew I would see some Pyrex. This is one of the pieces I am trying to trade for in one of my Pyrex groups right now. It looks like the trade may happen. I hope so because I really want this to make a small chicken stew in for hubby one day soon. 

There were some pretty divided dishes. I already have the snowflake pattern on the top, but I don't know what the bottom pattern is called. 

Seeing all this Pyrex, made me want to go home and fix something in one of my bowls. I couldn't think of a thing that goes better in Pyrex than a nice ice cream Sundae, so that's what I fixed. 

While I ate my Sundae, I sat on the couch and watched my favorite song from the CMA awards. "We Were Us." by Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert.

Seeing all that Pyrex made me hope for my trades to arrive soon. On Tuesday, I got the trade I have been waiting for. My new barbed wire divided dish arrived. I don't know what it is about this, but I have been wanting it forever. I am so happy it arrived safely.

Another pattern I want to get is the Shenandoah. I want the entire mixing bowl set and the entire Cinderella bowl set. I got the first mixing bowl, but it will probably take awhile to accumulate both sets since I rarely see this pattern around here anywhere. But a girl can always dream. 

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Rachel said...

I like that Pyrex. The ice cream looks pretty good too! Lol