Throwback Thursday -

I love anything vintage, but especially vintage Christmas. Here are some of the items I remember from my childhood either at our house or at family and friends houses. I would love to know if you remember any of these from "back in the day". 

I love the little plastic deer. I am actually trying to find some of these to use in a craft idea this year. 

Who remembers the aluminum trees. We had one in one of my elementary class rooms once and I just thought it was the neatest thing. 

I loved these little plastic nativity sets. I actually have a nativity set collection and wish I still had one of these. They have a lot of them on E-bay so I may try to buy one if the price is right.

I love the Shiny Bright brand of Christmas ornaments. I still have some of these for my tree that belonged to my husband's grandmother.

I had forgotten all about these but I think we actually had one or somebody we knew did because I remember them very well.

And I know we had these. We used to love to get to help put them together and Mom would hang them in the doorways.

I loved these old cardboard fireplaces. I wonder if they even still make them.

Another favorite from my childhood. Mom used to always have them in the window.

I don't know if we ever had one but part of me thinks Mom did when we were older and out on our own but I'm not sure. I may have seen one at somebody else's house, but I do remember these.

Don't laugh, but I still cover my tree with icicles. There are so many memories of my childhood tied up in icicles that I cannot imagine doing my tree without them.

I love the big old C9 Christmas tree lights. I keep threatening every year to buy some for my tree but I never have yet.

So, how many of these did you have when you were younger?

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ThrifterSisters said...

Love it all, Brenda! Just about every single thing that you showed I have and use to decorate during the holidays. I actually found two of those sweet deer at St. Vinny's this week for a whoppin' 29 cents each. Can't beat that! I also have an aluminum tree that I set up in my office. Last year I decorated it with pink Shiny Brites. This year I think I will do turquoise. I love vintage Christmas!