An adorable Christmas program

I got to go watch my granddaughter, Alexis, in her school Christmas program last night. I may be partial but she looked like a living doll. I just love her little freckles. 

She was an elf in the program. 

She was in a skit about an "Elf"is impersonator.

She was giving him what for. You can tell she was "an elf with an attitude". She played the part very well. 

I did get tickled when they sang. She was a tad short for the microphone, but you could still hear her above the others.  

She had all the right moves for their little dance skit. 

It was a really great night and I'm so glad I got to see the program. I love you Alexis Caroline.


Stephanie G. said...

I bet that was a cute program!! She looked so pretty!

Rachel said...

She is so pretty. I love her dress.