It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I finally got the living room and kitchen decorated. We moved some furniture around a little differently. We actually decided to buy a real tree this year so we put it in the corner. Why is it real trees look too small ... until you get them in the house? But I am happy with it. I love big fat trees. 

I still decorate like my mommy did with lots of old fashioned ornaments and icicles. We have a lot of Shiny Brights on the tree that belonged to Hubby's grandmother. 

I love the table runner Mom made for t my coffee table. It goes good with the Santa plate I picked up for .50 cents at a yard sale.

I love the little snowmen corner. Especially the candy dish full of Junior Mints. 

Hubby is a train nut so I had to get him this afghan. 

Back in the early 90's I worked with a man who was good at woodworking. He made me these little dear and sled. They fit perfectly in this little window sill.

This did not photograph well. It is my favorite Santa along with a tree painted by my oldest grandson before he ever started school and a deer my mom made in ceramics. 

I collect Emmett Kelly, Jr. clowns. I have four that are Christmas ornaments. 

I got to meet him several years ago and he autographed all four of them. 

My little poinsettia basket is the first thing I sit out every year. My Mamaw Eden took me shopping when I was 5 years old. She bought me this at McCroy's Five & Dime for .10 cents. It is one of my most prized possessions. 

I just adore this little birdhouse and the salt and pepper Christmas trees. I got them last year at a yard sale for just .25 cents.

Some of my Santa collection.

My Nativity collection.

Just a little display I like. 

My "Beary" red wagon.

A cute little gift from my Secret Sister last year. I love it. 

Two cute towels in the kitchen. 

More .25 cent yard sale finds this year. 

I love my candy tier. It's one of my favorite things to set out each year. 

My Rudolph clock. I love Rudolph and this sings the song on the hour. 

My Pyrex snowflake collection.

My new tablecloth. I love it. 

I love my snowman bowl.

After I got done last night, I just stood back and enjoyed the Christmas feeling.

Have you decorated yet?


Stephanie G. said...

I LOVE YOUR TREE, and your decorations are all so beautiful! You did an awesome Job decorating, looks great!!

Rachel said...

Where is the dish towel of Clarisse the reindeer I made you last year? I don't see her! Lol! Everything looks so pretty!