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It seems like 2013 was full of great ideas that I never acted on. The upcoming year is going to be different. First off, I mentioned yesterday that I wanted a busy book to hold all my notes, ideas, craft instructions, etc. Since this is the year of ACTION, I immediately got up this morning and created My Busy Book. I am going to start today when I see something I want to make or do, I will print out the instructions and pattern and put it in My Busy Book. I am happy. I have a plan. 

Step 2 of my plan will involve My Busy Bag. I am going to order the new Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One to keep my craft project in. I pick projects that are usually small in size and something I can work on in my craft room or in the living room while watching TV. This bag will be perfect to carry with me wherever I am working. I think I will order it in the Citrus Medallion pattern personalized with "My Busy Bag" in either the turquoise or lemon yellow thread.

I am going to work today on getting all the Christmas stuff put up so I can go through my craft closet to see what I want to work on first. I came home last night all excited to take down the trees and get all the Christmas decorations put away. I started with the living room tree. It is the biggest and will take the longest. It always seems that once that one is down, the rest of the house gets in shape pretty fast.

I was excited to get back to normal. I was full of energy. I grabbed a grocery plastic bag and started pulling all the icicles off first and stuffing them in the bag. That in itself is an entire process. Once I was finished with that, I went to get the ornament box out. I had meant to ask Hubby to get all the boxes out of storage before he went to work and I forgot. As I stood there staring at the amount of boxes I need to haul out in order to get started on my clean up project, I did what any red blooded American girly-girl would do....I closed the closet door, took a bubble bath and ordered a pizza. 

Then I did something I rarely ever do. I turned on the TV and found a movie to watch. I picked Country Strong. I just love that movie. You can't go wrong with anything that has Tim McGraw in it. 

So today, I am faced with the project of getting my house put back into shape. Then I won't feel guilty about spending time on Pinterest and FreePatterns.com looking for new projects to do.

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