My new favorite spot

I woke up this morning and found the gang in my new favorite spot. They look so laid back. Hope they aren't just resting up to get into some mischief. 

I love my new spot. I had to move this shelf to make room for the Christmas tree. I put this basket on it and there are 5 Christmas books in it that I want to read this season. I love the little angel with her book and the little Santa holds my reading glasses. 

I moved it beside my favorite easy chair and now I have my own little spot to settle in and read....if I can keep the Three Amigos out of the chair. 

What is your favorite spot to read at your house?


Stephanie G. said...

They do look very cozy in that spot! :)

Rachel said...

They look so comfy! I read that book, Skipping Christmas. I loved it!