Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend has been full. I finally finished my Christmas shopping and started my wrapping. I was so tired one night that I had an ice cream Sunday with brownie cookies for supper because I was just too beat to fix anything. But it sure was good even if it wasn't healthy.

Saturday night brought in some heavy rain and wind. The wind was so strong that the flag at the grocery store was standing straight out. It made a gorgeous photo against the early evening sky. 

Sunday morning at church, I received some wonderful gifts from two of my dear friends. I got this cute snowman and Santa globe. The Santa globe was so awesome. It lights up and the colors change. It's so neat.

I also got a new cookbook that has some really great Pampered Chef recipes that I can't wait to try.

And a gift card to Walmart. I'm going to hit the after Christmas sales with this.

After church, I came home and baked 6 dozen orange cookies and then iced everyone of them with orange icing. It took about 5 hours to do them all. I was exhausted. 

I got up this morning and finished wrapping my presents for when the family gets together on Christmas eve. I am done with the wrapping and it feels great to mark that off my list. 

Now it's time to do some more baking and make some fudge.


Stephanie G. said...

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! We love you mamaw B!!

Terri D. said...

Your tree is beautiful and those cookies look delicious!


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