My how it's grown......

I have had a few requests about my Pyrex collection. I was just taking stock the other day and was amazed at how much I have accumulated in two years. This was my very first set, the spring blossom bowls in the second shelf below. That was it. I was hooked.

Now that shelf has grown and not just with Pyrex. I have found that I love vintage pieces of any sort. This looks a little utilitarian right now because I am searching for some flowers to spruce it up some with my vintage milk glass vases I haven't displayed yet. 

One of my proudest moments was when I found these vintage Holt Howard kitten S & P shakers for just $9.00. I wanted them so bad but they were $40 - $80 online and in the antique stores. Finally found a bid on E-bay and won it for just $9 which included the shipping price.

The bottom shelf of this rack is a collection Pyrex, vintage sandwich glass and some Hazel Atlas cups and a vintage jelly glass. The glass juicer was found for .25 cents in the bottom of a junk box at a yard sale held by a man.

I wanted the cups so bad and found them at a road side flea market for just .75 cents each. My oldest cousin, Jeannie, gave me the jelly glass. I was beyond thrilled to get it since it was on my wish list and I couldn't find it anywhere.

Some more of my Pyrex is on my Baker's rack. I am a Hodge Podge collector. I love all the different colors and patterns. I use my Pyrex regularly so I like to have it handy. Check out the Pyrex dishtowel also from my cousin Jeannie.

Since I don't limit my vintage items to just Pyrex, I have also found a Federal Pitcher and a vintage Evenflo Baby Bump pitcher. I have my Mamaw Eden's McCoy pitcher that me and my cousin Patty bought for Mamaw for Mother's day when we were younger. I just noticed I need to tighten the cabinet knobs again.

I also have vintage items in my cabinet that I use a lot, like these two Pyrex coffee cups.

And this set of 12 Swanky Swig vintage glasses. A lady had them for sale for $24 at her yard sale. I didn't want to spend that much even though I really, really wanted them. I came home empty handed and regretted it all day. I went back in the evening and she had marked them 1/2 off so I bought 2 of them for $2.00. Thought about it as I slept that night and decided to go back and see if she had more. She still had the other 10. She did and had them marked down to $2 for all 10. So I ended up spending $4.00, not $24 and still got the whole set. These are my milk and juice glasses. They are one of the vintage items the grandkids get to use.

I have a vintage utility cart in my office/craft room. I had been looking for one for a long time and they were always $30 or $40 at antique stores. My friend told me I should go to her dad's neighbor's for a yard sale. So I did and got this cart for $2.00 and it was in excellent condition. I did a happy dance that day for sure. 

I figure if a office can have a coffee pot, I can have one in my home office even if it is never used. I traded to get both of these in one of my vintage trade groups. I bought the Libby vintage coffee cups at a yard sale for $1.50 for all four. 

I can't wait till spring to see what I can find this year.


Some upcoming estate sales...

This was my view outside yesterday morning. 

It was 4 degrees and my boss agreed we should work at  home till we saw how the roads got. This was my road at 9:00 yesterday. Needless to say it didn't get much better.

We have had some of the coldest days I ever remember these past few weeks. I can't wait for spring and yard sales and estate sales. I did notice that Craig's List is already listing some upcoming estate sales in my area. So I decided to do a little dream shopping. I don't know if I will make it to any of them or not. But if I do, here are some of the things I want to look at. I love this old Hamilton Beach mixer. I have the big mixing bowl but have not been able to find the little one. The ad says this still works perfectly and they are selling the whole set for $30. Wow, what a deal

One place had this old swing for $20. I would love to have it and paint it white and cover it with pretty throw pillows and an afghan draped across the back.

Do you remember these TV trays from the 60's? These are the sturdy ones not those flimsy ones like you find today.

I love this punch bowl.

I spy Spring Blossom and Butterfly Gold Pyrex dinnerware!

Love this typewriter.

This would be perfect for my back deck. We really need to do something with it. It has nothing on it at all since we don't use it, but it is visible from the back road and looks blah.

This would be a great table for my craft room.

I love this rocking chair. It would be perfect in the corner of my living room. 

I spy Pyrex a Butterprint dish.

Love this little quilt. I want to find some used quilts this year at yard sales but don't want to pay an arm and leg.

Well, my "excursion" into estate sale land is over and I enjoyed checking everything out from the comfort of a warm house. Can't wait till spring. 


Adding to my wish list...

The more I research Pyrex, the more I find that I want to look for. I have one of these little pink bowls. I use it for so much. It seems it is being used more than any bowl in my kitchen. 

I would like to find a few more in different colors as well as a lid for them. I don't have a lid with mine and didn't even know it came with a lid. 

I also love these little ramekins. They have a multitude of uses. I have one in turquoise, but would love to find some assorted colors.

These yellow ones are very pretty.

But I really love the ones with the Grecian pattern on them. I must keep my eyes peeled to see if I can spot some in the wild.

I am in love with the 473 bowl. I only have one, but would love to have more. This is one of the patterns I collect and I would love to find this.

But it is also available in the Shenandoah which I love. 

And in the Town & Country. I really must keep my eye open for some of these.

I am on the lookout for Butterprint Coffee Mugs. I didn't even know such a thing existed. This is my friends favorite pattern plus she collect coffee mugs so I need to help her find one of these.

This is cute. I am really starting to like the black Pyrex patterns on the white bowls. 

Not sure what this Pyrex pattern was, but would love to find these cups for my own use. 

I would absolute adore finding anything in this pattern. I love anything with flowers and I love anything with roosters so this is right up my alley. 

I would be curious, whether you are a collector or not, do you own any Pyrex?


Top 10 Tuesday

Today I am showing my Top 10 favorite Easter/Spring craft ideas I saw on Pinterest. Some of these will be good for my Sunday School kids. And some are ones I would like to make for home. 

I want to make a few of these to sit around my house. They look super easy and fun to make.

I am think we need an Easter part for Sunday School class and let the kids make these little cups. we could fill them with jelly beans or Smarties. 

These stuffed bunnies are just too cute. They would be adorable sitting in my living room in a little Easter basket.

Plastic spoons, a clay flower pot and a little paint.

The kids would love making these. Especially the girls. 

Now, these are just too adorable. I need a small pastel Pyrex dish to fill with these "eggs" to set in the kitchen.

We strung eggs last year and made a wreath. I think this year we will do some garland and decorate the room if Missy wants to.

Love it! I am all about using paper plates for crafts. Twenty plates for a buck at the Dollar Tree.

How cute is this. The only thing I can figure is that they have used bunny Peeps as a "sponge" in glitter paint. I think it would be cute to pre-print a 4 x 6 photo on an 8 x 10 paper and print the Hanging with My Peeps. The pic will be of all the kids in class together and then we can sponge paint around the picture. How cute would that be. Something they could keep for years. 

If there is something my SS Kids love it is anything that involves pipe cleaners. And I love anything to do with felt so this is a perfect combo for class. 

Have an awesome Tuesday. 


Weekend wrap up

First, just let me say I am so sick of wind! It has been that bone chilling, knock you back a step, freeze your face off cold wind for the past week or more and I for one am over it.

Saturday, we had a baby shower for a dear friend from church. A special thank you to one of the partners, Ms. Jama, for the awesome decorating job. She is very talented and the shower turned out really good.

After the shower, I went to the grocery store and headed home to veg out the rest of the night. Sunday was Sunday School and church. In SS Class we made googly eyed Valentine's people. The kids gave me one to bring home.

After church, I fixed me some assorted cheese and crackers with some apples dipped in caramel for dessert. Most of the afternoon, I spent working on a Thirty-One order and trying to decide what I wanted to order for myself! I know I want a new zipper pouch and I think it will be in the Teal Mod Dot. I'm going to have it personalized with SS Crafts. I'm not sure what else I want.

I went back to church last night. We started a study on Christian Beliefs. It was really interesting. I can't wait to go back again next week. 

I stopped and got Burger King for our supper. Then I just relaxed and watched TV till bed time. It was a very good weekend.