Faith Filled Friday

Faith Wooden Positive Signs Primitive Decor Star Raffia Bow Gifts

Let me tell you what My God can do. 

On Tuesday morning at 3:00 a.m., I received a call that one of my brothers had suffered a stroke. He was in the hospital. He had the stroke between 10 and 10:30 p.m. Monday night as best we could figure out, but it was 2:00 in the morning Tuesday that he could finally function to call someone. 

Reclaimed Wood Barnwood Sign Let Your Faith be bigger than your fears.

After I hung up the phone with my sister, I immediately began praying. As soon as my friends were up, I requested prayer on Facebook. I put him on our church prayer list and asked others to do the same. My sister, cousins, friends all did the same. We had a network of prayer going for him.

He fulfills His promises...trust

After several days of prayer and worry, I am happy to announce is has pulled through. From barely being able to stand straight, problems with his motor skills and very confused with trouble talking, he is able to get out of bed and walk where he wants. He is able to feed himself, pour himself a Pepsi and drink it and to carry on his conversations and visit with friends and family who have come by to check on him. 

Faith Sign by HeavenlyPromise on Etsy

He will have to have a small amount of rehab, but the Lord is good and we expect a full recovery. It just amazes me how our darkest hours can turn in to God's spectacular moments. Miracles performed, mercy shown and grace received. All because we took a moment to pray in FAITH believing that God would see him through this. 

Be faithful in the small mother teresa handmade card. $14.95, via Etsy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my family and friends who have offered up prayer and support through this rough week. God is good.


It's the little things....

Anybody who knows me well, knows that I get excited about the littlest things in life. One thing that excites me is to come home and find a Thirty-One delivery setting on my couch. 

Inside was my Mini Zipper Pouch in the Creative Expressions Chick pattern. I have been waiting for this to arrive. I love it just as much as I thought I would. 

I wanted this font on the personalization because it reminds me of sticks like the little sticks that fall out of trees. Thought that would be a good font with little birdies.

I picked Flitterin' because people tell me I never land in one spot for long. I am always flittering from here to there. And also because it was one of my favorite songs in the Disney movie Summer Magic.

After the excitement of my new little pouch, I decided to make a homemade pizza for supper. I made 1/3 sausage, 1/3 sausage and pepperoni, and 1/3 just pepperoni.

I only ate some of the sausage part tonight. I'll have leftovers a day or two and hubby had some when he came home from work. Of course, as usual, I have to have a side of M & M's with my pizza.

After supper, I sat down and enjoyed my mail. I got some goodies today. My Thirty-One magazine, a new Longaberger catalog, my new Crossings Book Club book lists and some coupons for local restaurants. 

All in all, it was a pretty good evening last night.


It started with a little bird....

I have been thinking about re-doing the grandchildren's bedroom. When we moved in and got the day bed, I just used stuff from around the house to decorate each. Bottom line, that meant it was very girly looking since I love girl colors and flowery items. I decided recently it was time to do it in a theme that might be good for boys & girls. I was at a thrift store Saturday and saw this little pull toy for $1.99. It looked vintage, whether it is or not, so I bought it. 

That triggered the idea of decorating the room in brick red and country blue.  So I decided to look around the house to see if I had anything to go with my vintage theme. I found this old set of Russian stacking dolls that I've had over 20 years. A friend of ours was from Russia and she had her parents send them to her as a gift for us. 

I have this clown music box I had received from my family when the kids were little. I think it would look good in the new room. 

I am going to look around for a quilt to put on the day bed. I want something very country looking, but also not gender specific. I saw this one online. It is kind of cute.

I also liked this. 

I want to have a book shelf that I can put some things on they are able to play with. I thought some Rock 'em Sock 'em robots would be cute on the shelf.

And a vintage Barrel of Monkeys.

Maybe I could find some vintage Barbies for the girls. 

I would love to find an old red wagon to keep all the Matchbox cars in.

I can't wait to start hitting the yard sales. 


Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Nails for Spring Mani - Pedi's.  

I like to do my own nails to save money. As an Avon rep, I have discovered that some of the best nail polish available you can order from Avon. I want to get a bottle of the new Gel nail polish from them. It doesn't require heat lamps. It includes the base coat and top coat along with the nail polish all in one mixed bottle. I'm going to order some on my order this week to see if I like it.

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I also wear a lot of their Nailwear Pro+. It goes on smooth and lasts really good.
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A lot of people are doing multi-colors like a French manicure. But I don't have a hand steady enough to do it.

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I love the speed dry brand they carry. It really works well. Especially when I do my nails just minutes before I am ready to leave. I really like the color on her pointer finger on this model.

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They carry a line of Mosaic polish. You buy two different types and make it crackled looking. Close Window

I love this, but how steady would you have to be to do this type of design.

Avon collection: Stunning Cobalt, Starry Sky (an icy silver), Golden Vision (a sparkly gold) and Rave (a rose gold)

This is a pretty color. I may have to order a bottle of it.

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I am not normally a green person, but I do love this and I have a shirt that would go perfect with this.

love Avon nail polishes. I'm also an Avon rep and sell them online at getgoodsavings.com. I give a free gift with purchase. Thanks for looking.

This is something new that helps you do nail art. I don't understand how it works, but I may have to investigate further.

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My favorite is the nail polish that looks like it has a little glitter in it. This is just beautiful.

Avon Nail Wear Pro Sequined Turquoise


It was a crazy day....

Yesterday was a fun day. Hubby had his first Sunday off in almost a year. The weather was beautiful and we decided to go running around. I wore flip flopss!!! It felt so good. 

It was our first "date" since early December. We stopped at some antique stores to do some window shopping, but didn't buy anything. We just like to look and get ideas.

Our next stop was Lowe's. We looked at some of the lovely flowers they already have out for sale. That just made me even happier to have on flip flops. It made spring seem even closer. 

Hubby is debating putting out a few cabbage plants and says now is the time to do it. He is going to think about it before his next day off. 

He did see a nice grill he is putting on his birthday wish list for April. It was a very good price. 

We did buy two new light sockets for my three way lamps. In the past month, both of them have quit working and only work on the middle setting. And I love my three way lamps so he had to get a couple new sockets to replace the old ones.

He had a gift card for Cracker Barrell from Christmas and we finally got a chance to use it. I had to laugh though because they seated us right at the fireplace and there was a small fire going. By the time we ate, it was getting a little cooler. But it felt funny sitting in front of a fire eating my dinner with flip flops on. I wonder if she sat us there because my toes looked cold?

All in all, we had an awesome date day. I love it when we get to spend the whole day together. It was wonderful.


Sunday Smiles

I love things that make me smile or laugh. Here are a few videos that will tickle your funny bone and start your day off with a smile. Have a blessed day!


Signs of spring....

I have one thing and one thing only that I judge when spring is just around the corner. It has nothing to do with trees budding, robins singing, or flowers popping up. It has to do with my shoes. All winter long I wear what I call my chunky tennis shoes. You know, the ones with the heavy soles. Usually my Skechers or Reboks.

But I don't like wearing the heavy tennis shoes. Once I get to the point where I just can't stand them no more, I will go to my spring/summer shoe section in my closet and rummage around for my little white canvas Grasshoppers. They are very light weight and extremely comfortable. 

On the Go

Today is the day that I make the switch. It's time to go back to comfort. It is going to get up in the mid to high 60's today. I was really itching to wear my flip flops, but just wasn't sure. My favorite pair are more comfortable than any shoe I own.

Call me crazy, but I may just toss them in the trunk today so if it warms up enough I can slip into them for a little while. 


What a roar!

March is a week away, but if last night is anything to go by she is going to come in like a lion. There were some ferocious winds out there overnight.

It's still raining, but it should be moving out sometime today. It looks like the worst has past through and we are left with rain, which they say will move out around 9 or 10 this morning.

It's a good morning to scout for Pyrex. E-bay has this set of snowflake garland Cinderella bowls for $300.00. No way would I pay $300 for a set of bowls, I don't care what they are.

Another person had the same set for $115 That is still out of my budget but makes more sense. People should really check the competition before they set the price. Especially if you are trying to say they are rare when they aren't.

I especially love when I see something like this for $100 and I have that set. Mine cost me $6.00 for the whole set. I married into one of the pieces, a niece got me one piece, a friend got me one piece and I paid $6 at an antique store for the remaining piece. What a deal!

I did see the Pyrex Hamilton Beach small mixing bowl on E-bay that I have been looking for. I found the large one for $12 at a local antique store. But this one has been very elusive at a decent price. No one is bidding on it and the bid started at $11.19. It does have free shipping so I may just watch it and see if I can grab it at the last minute. 

I have had some of the Early Americana pieces and used them for trade. I wish I had kept this one. I may have to look for another one. This is just $6 on Etsy, but the shipping is what prevents me from buying online.

Pyrex Early American - Brown On White - 1 -1/2 Pt. - 401

Right now, the item that is at the top of my wish list is the Rooster Black pattern. I want this piece to add to my collection, but it is very hard to find. When you can find it online, the price is so bad you can't afford to get it. But it is my current dream piece.

Well, that's my Pyrex surfing for the day. Have a great day everyone.


Time to plan....

It is time to start planning for spring. The weather was warmer yesterday and it is supposed to get up in the 70's today. I love being able to go outside without a jacket and gloves. 

I was looking at the future weather predictions. It appears that March 28th will be the highest temp that also has the highest low temp. In other words, high in the 60's and low around 40. So I have decided it will be the first day to wear flip flops and capri pants.