In my opinion, January is the worst month of the year. I know it is only 31 days like many other months, but it seems like the longest month ever. With biting winds, arctic freezes, snow storms that seem to come from nowhere, it has not been a good weather month.

We welcome February with open arms. The shortest month of the year. The month that seems to fly by with cold days, but sometimes less snow. Sometimes we even get glimpses of spring like weather and may even see a crocus or two if we are lucky.

February is the month of love. Red, white and pinks everywhere you look. And those amazing conversation hearts. I must go find a bag today.

Mr. Groundhog should determine a few things tomorrow. It's his chance to shine and make a good name for himself. But I have a feeling he'll just make everybody mad with his predictions.

I need to work on my crafts for Sunday School tomorrow. I haven't decide what we will do yet, but I know the next couple of weeks we will doing some Valentine's stuff.

I'm off on President's Day and I am very glad. I already made plans with a friend of mine to take her to McKay's Used Book Store. Her Mom is recuperating from a bad fall and my friend needs a little time out of the house. We always go to Waffle House for breakfast before we hit the book shelves. I haven't been to Waffle House since fall and I am looking forward to it. I love their hash browns.

Sometime around mid-month I am going to have a Thirty-One open house. The special for February is awesome and we have been challenged by our director to sale 31 of the specials this month. It is one of the most popular Thirty-One items. The famous organizing utility tote.....NOW WITH A ZIPPER TOP! I love it and plan on getting me one. I want the Citrus Medallion.


Today, I'm going to a birthday party for my friend's little boy who is turning 3. My grandkids are going too. It should be a great day. It's going to be Thomas the Train and she has it all ready for the kids to arrive.

Hope you have a great party today, Ray Ray.

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Terri D. said...

I use my 31 Utility Tote everyday, for work. I love it!! My sister gave it to me a few years ago, for my birthday. It also has my name on it. Great products!

Let us know, please, how the birthday party goes!