It was a crazy day....

Yesterday was a fun day. Hubby had his first Sunday off in almost a year. The weather was beautiful and we decided to go running around. I wore flip flopss!!! It felt so good. 

It was our first "date" since early December. We stopped at some antique stores to do some window shopping, but didn't buy anything. We just like to look and get ideas.

Our next stop was Lowe's. We looked at some of the lovely flowers they already have out for sale. That just made me even happier to have on flip flops. It made spring seem even closer. 

Hubby is debating putting out a few cabbage plants and says now is the time to do it. He is going to think about it before his next day off. 

He did see a nice grill he is putting on his birthday wish list for April. It was a very good price. 

We did buy two new light sockets for my three way lamps. In the past month, both of them have quit working and only work on the middle setting. And I love my three way lamps so he had to get a couple new sockets to replace the old ones.

He had a gift card for Cracker Barrell from Christmas and we finally got a chance to use it. I had to laugh though because they seated us right at the fireplace and there was a small fire going. By the time we ate, it was getting a little cooler. But it felt funny sitting in front of a fire eating my dinner with flip flops on. I wonder if she sat us there because my toes looked cold?

All in all, we had an awesome date day. I love it when we get to spend the whole day together. It was wonderful.


tammy doane said...

Love the flowers, and I could spend hours in Lowe's-hub thinks I am crazy but I love going to Lowe's.

Terri D. said...

I love that you love your flip-flops!!