It's the little things....

Anybody who knows me well, knows that I get excited about the littlest things in life. One thing that excites me is to come home and find a Thirty-One delivery setting on my couch. 

Inside was my Mini Zipper Pouch in the Creative Expressions Chick pattern. I have been waiting for this to arrive. I love it just as much as I thought I would. 

I wanted this font on the personalization because it reminds me of sticks like the little sticks that fall out of trees. Thought that would be a good font with little birdies.

I picked Flitterin' because people tell me I never land in one spot for long. I am always flittering from here to there. And also because it was one of my favorite songs in the Disney movie Summer Magic.

After the excitement of my new little pouch, I decided to make a homemade pizza for supper. I made 1/3 sausage, 1/3 sausage and pepperoni, and 1/3 just pepperoni.

I only ate some of the sausage part tonight. I'll have leftovers a day or two and hubby had some when he came home from work. Of course, as usual, I have to have a side of M & M's with my pizza.

After supper, I sat down and enjoyed my mail. I got some goodies today. My Thirty-One magazine, a new Longaberger catalog, my new Crossings Book Club book lists and some coupons for local restaurants. 

All in all, it was a pretty good evening last night.


Terri D. said...

I love your little pouch, and the font you chose is perfect! Very cute! Your pizza looks yummy, and M & Ms makes a great dessert, any time!


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