Signs of spring....

I have one thing and one thing only that I judge when spring is just around the corner. It has nothing to do with trees budding, robins singing, or flowers popping up. It has to do with my shoes. All winter long I wear what I call my chunky tennis shoes. You know, the ones with the heavy soles. Usually my Skechers or Reboks.

But I don't like wearing the heavy tennis shoes. Once I get to the point where I just can't stand them no more, I will go to my spring/summer shoe section in my closet and rummage around for my little white canvas Grasshoppers. They are very light weight and extremely comfortable. 

On the Go

Today is the day that I make the switch. It's time to go back to comfort. It is going to get up in the mid to high 60's today. I was really itching to wear my flip flops, but just wasn't sure. My favorite pair are more comfortable than any shoe I own.

Call me crazy, but I may just toss them in the trunk today so if it warms up enough I can slip into them for a little while. 

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Terri D. said...

I would love to wear flipflops, but I can't do that thing between my toes! Flipflops are pretty much year-round wear here in FL.