Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Nails for Spring Mani - Pedi's.  

I like to do my own nails to save money. As an Avon rep, I have discovered that some of the best nail polish available you can order from Avon. I want to get a bottle of the new Gel nail polish from them. It doesn't require heat lamps. It includes the base coat and top coat along with the nail polish all in one mixed bottle. I'm going to order some on my order this week to see if I like it.

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I also wear a lot of their Nailwear Pro+. It goes on smooth and lasts really good.
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A lot of people are doing multi-colors like a French manicure. But I don't have a hand steady enough to do it.

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I love the speed dry brand they carry. It really works well. Especially when I do my nails just minutes before I am ready to leave. I really like the color on her pointer finger on this model.

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They carry a line of Mosaic polish. You buy two different types and make it crackled looking. Close Window

I love this, but how steady would you have to be to do this type of design.

Avon collection: Stunning Cobalt, Starry Sky (an icy silver), Golden Vision (a sparkly gold) and Rave (a rose gold)

This is a pretty color. I may have to order a bottle of it.

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I am not normally a green person, but I do love this and I have a shirt that would go perfect with this.

love Avon nail polishes. I'm also an Avon rep and sell them online at getgoodsavings.com. I give a free gift with purchase. Thanks for looking.

This is something new that helps you do nail art. I don't understand how it works, but I may have to investigate further.

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My favorite is the nail polish that looks like it has a little glitter in it. This is just beautiful.

Avon Nail Wear Pro Sequined Turquoise


Terri D. said...

I used to sell Avon (and Mary Kay, too). I will be very interested in how the Gel polish works for you. I LOVE the gel polish because it dries instantly and lasts for a few weeks. Keep me posted, please!


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