Oh my, we moved our office!

Moving day finally arrived. We moved our office this past Friday. We packed up that morning and by 4:00 we were in our new spaces. Of course, we just had a short move and we had new furniture already in the new office so it didn't take long. I have lots of room. I have my regular desk which in itself is so much room.

I have a file cabinet/work station part to the desk as well. Plenty of room to spread out my projects to work on. 

And there was a lovely matching credenza with even more filing space. No more ugly metal file cabinets right in my office. 

The finished product. I still need a couple more plants and we are getting some things to hang on the wall, but other than that I am ready to get started working in my new area. 

I did some spring cleaning over the weekend. I am going to cover the cushions of my porch swing since the bottom seats are starting to show some wear. Until I can buy some material, I just took a piece of what I had that was big enough to tug in around the bottom cushion. Not perfect, but a lot better than what it was. I had to set on it and enjoy the sunshine so I messed it up a little, but I plan to cover them with some springy this weekend. 

I bought a couple of wind socks to hang from the porch roof. You can't tell in this picture, but there is a cute little bumble bee on one of the flowers. Of course, I had to have that. 

I couldn't get a good shot of the bunny rabbit one because the wind kept blowing it. 

I finally found a little flag stand at the Dollar Tree. I got this little flag at a yard sale for a quarter last year and haven't been able to hang it. Of course, there is a bee.

Just one of the random items I hang out every spring. 

I fixed my table for Easter finally. 

And I finally changed my bakers rack to my spring Pyrex and decor.

I even had enough to do two shelves. I love it. 

A perfect place to drape my spring dishtowel made by Stevie Marie's

And my little tulip creamer I found at an antique store for five bucks.

I found these little tulips in a thrift store and couldn't wait to use them. 

I also got me a new English Ivy plant for my milk glass vase for the new office. I love how it turned out. 

I took myself to Golden Corral after church yesterday so I could run up to Home Depot to check their plants. I treated myself to a sampling of several desserts. It was really good. In my defense, I did have a regular meal before I hit the dessert bar. 

I even found time during the busy weekend to change the desktop background on my computer to Easter. I am finally in a spring mood.

Have a great Monday.


Loving the Decor...

On my recent trip back home, I had the pleasure of visiting with my cousin Patty and her son Brandon at their new home. Patty is extremely talented when it comes to home decor. She can take the most unique items and incorporate them as part of her home. I thought you would enjoy a tour. I realized when I went to post that I had taken over 80 pictures so I had to narrow it down to my most favorites. 

My absolute #1 most favorite was her display of vintage cameras. What a unique thought.

Patty and Brandon did a lot of the trim work themselves and it turned out great.  

She chose to remove her closet doors to display her Fiesta Ware. It's gorgeous. 

Unique little cubby holes were everywhere.

Some beautiful vintage glasses. 

I love the pink jar on the top shelf. 

Brandon taking a break from the guided tour.  

The other end of the table that holds the vintage cameras. 

Her beautiful stained glass door. Some of the photos are sideways and I tried everything to flip them, but it wouldn't work. Sorry about the side view but I really wanted you to see these. She did this door herself with a little paint on a new door.

This was cross stitched by one of her sisters. 

A cute place for a vintage chair.  

I am not sure why, but I just fell in love with this idea. I think it is very neat.  

Her bedroom is gorgeous. 

And I love how she displayed these little beaded purses.

This is very precious to me. Our Uncle Charlie was a photographer by hobby and he used to take a lot of home movies of us. She found an old projector and actually has one of the old films of Uncle Charlie's on the spool. 

I love any display that involves books. 

And check out the jar of old buttons. 

Her future daughter-in-law is extremely talented. I love this mermaid she drew. 

I love what she has done with this old cabinet.  

 Even got to get a picture of Miss Maggie. She was in her cage because she still gets excited when company comes.  

Another cute cabinet. I must look for one of these.

A cute way to display vintage pocket watches.  

This was very pretty.

Brandon even took me on a tour of his weight room. 

There were just so many things to see that I couldn't snap pics fast enough. 

Although I loved everything I saw, I guess I would have to say that this was one of my favorites. A display made with an old door and a table. How cute is this?


Fabulous Finds Friday

My trip last week produced some awesome finds I want to share with you. The first visit we made was with my sister-in-law. She had seen my posts on Facebook about how I am collecting white milk glass. My favorite is the hobnail pattern. You can imagine my pleasure when she gave me this beautiful basket made by Fenton glass. She has had it for years but never set it out. It still had the tags. I was thrilled. 

My sister gave me this Pyrex Butterfly Gold 444 Cinderella bowl. I just love it.

My cousin, Patty, gave me this Pyrex Butterprint 444 Cinderella bowl. I have been looking for one of these for a long time.

In past blogs, I have mentioned my sewing machine died and I needed to get a new one. I have the best sister in the world because she had a spare machine and guess who she gave it to...ME! Can't wait to sew something.

She also gave me the sewing machine cover to go with it. My niece Amy actually made this so that makes it even more precious to me. 

My mom gave me this crochet Christmas stocking. Growing up, we had a neighbor named Ruby. She was the piano player for our little Baptist church until she was well in her 90's. She lived to be 102. Ruby had made this for my mom years and years ago. Since Ruby and I had a very special bond, Mom wanted me to have this. 

I picked up some books that Mom had for me. Lots of Sherryl Woods and Lori Wilde. I am set on books for awhile. 

There were even some Christian books that I can donate to the church library after I am done reading them. Over 50 books total.

On Sunday, I stopped at one of their local thrift stores. I didn't find much, but I love crystal saucers so I picked this up for .25 cents.

And this little cup was just too precious to resist so I had to get it for a quarter as well.

My sister had a cute butterfly hanging on her front porch that she found at the Dollar Tree. I stopped in to get me one but they were out. However, I couldn't resist this little bunny to hang by my door. It is kind of vintage looking so I had to have it. 

When I am visiting West Virginia, I love to go to the antique mall in Milton, WV. They have great prices and I usually find something on my wish list. This trip I found this small Pyrex bowl. I have one in a pattern I don't like so I have been looking for a new one. I am really into the solids and when I found this one for $5.95, I knew I had to have it. 

When I started collecting milk glass to decorate my new office, I kept looking for a candy dish with a lid. I had seen several online and wanted one that was an oval egg-like shape. I have looked everywhere. Well, the look is over. The Milton shop had exactly what I was wanting for just $5.00! This baby will stay filled with Junior Mints to set on my desk at work. 

As you can see, it was a great trip. I got lots of great things and my out-of-pocket expense was just $12.45. I need more trips like this one.