Some Pinterest craft ideas

I'm checking Pinterest for some new ideas for easy kids crafts. Love decorating bottles. This might be something to do for Mother's Day.

Our Pinterest-inspired Mother's Day craft.

These flowers are really cute made from pool noodles. I would think you could "slice" them to the desired thickness and use a cookie cutter to make the flower.

Mother’s Day Craft - Pool Noodle Bouquet. Kids write things they love about mom on the leaves.

Some more cute flowers with cup cake liners. These would be easy.

A child holding a bouquet of flowers made of cupcake liners and more cute ideas

Toilet paper rolls covered with scrap book paper. Not sure what the cap on the bottom is made from.

They used TOILET PAPER ROLLS to make this! Folkart Acrylic Paint – 516 Light Lavender, 524 Calypso Sky, 741 Glazed Carrots, 654 Metallic Amethyst, 651 Metallic Blue Topaz, 663 metallic Bronze    Crackle Medium – 696, 3 toilet paper tubes, 3 small clay pots – 1 ½” x 2”, Glue, Flat brush – ¾”, Artificial flowers

My kindergarten Sunday school class loves working with beads and pipe cleaners. This might be a good idea for them.

pipe cleaner and beads to make a cross (for necklace)

I saw on Oriental Trading that they have glow in the dark beads. Both my Sunday school classes would enjoy making glow in the dark bracelets. I have found that pipe cleaners are the very best thing to use in bead crafts. The beads don't slide off like they do on the rubbery string that comes in jewelry kits and the kids have more control over them. The ends are easier to knot than tied that plastic string.

pipe cleaners and beads...

Well, that gives me a few ideas for the older kids for the next few weeks.


My day with hubby....

Hubby had a rare day off Sunday. We decided to go to Cosby to check out Carver's.

It is a local apple orchard and we normally buy are apples for apple butter from them. We didn't get to make any apple butter last year and we ran out. I have been dying for some so we thought we would go out and see if they had what we were looking for. 

While we were there, I had to take a look at the basket room. I need to go back and pick me up some. The prices are very reasonable and I love baskets. 

When we made it to the produce division I was thrilled to find Rome Beauty apples. They make the best apple butter in my opinion and they are hard to find at the store at a reasonable price if they even have them.

Since we were so close, we had to swing up to Gatlinburg so I could go to Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in The Village.

I always like to stop in there and get my favorite candy.

It is milk chocolate orange cremes. They are a little price so I rarely treat myself to any. I just got 1/2 pound and I'm trying to make them last. 

After that we came home and relaxed on the front porch and later that evening hubby fixed breakfast for supper. He was off again on Monday so we grilled out burgers for Monday supper. All in all, we have had an amazing two days.


Weekend wrap up

Saturday was the 10 mile yard sale. We hit as many as we could before we just got to worn out to do another sale. But I did get some bargains that I loved. Everything I got ranged from 25¢ to $2.00 so I got some great finds. Not a bad day. The first thing I found was this little tea for one. My home office is in pink, blue and yellow. I have a blue one of these and now the pink. I just need to find a yellow.

I am getting ready to redo the grandkid's room in a beach theme. I found my first item to put in it. Well, actually Alexis found it for me and from then on she was on a mission for beach decor. 

This little blue candy dish really caught my eye. I just love the shade of blue.

And I found a new piece for my milk glass collection. I don't know what I am going to use it for yet, but it was just to pretty to pass up.

This was just a cute little dish in pink so I had to have it. Again, I am not sure where it will end up but it was a good deal and I liked it so I got it.

I loved this drinking glass. It is the perfect size for milk when I have milk and cookies. 

I got these two little Melmac saucers. Not sure why, but I couldn't resist.

And now that I have a little flag pole, I need to accumulate flags so I got one for this winter. 

We packed a picnic lunch and stopped at a local park to eat after the yard sales. The girls were loving the big trees in the park so we had to get some photos. This is my favorite one. 

Shelby has this thing about not looking straight at the camera.

They wanted one between the two big trees and wanted to stretch to see how far they could get from reaching the trees. They look really dwarfed by the big trees. 

And one last pic before we headed on our way. 

Saturday night was a time for brownies. They planned the whole bake session on the way home from Walmart.

They decided it would be neat to see if my donut maker or my waffle maker could make good brownies. Being a grandmother, of course I said okay. Donuts were a big hit. Waffles? not so much. 

After experimenting, they made the rest of the brownies in one of my Pyrex pans. They were delicious. 

They wanted to make their own pizza for supper. I use flatbread which is like tortillas only oval. 

Shelby just had plain cheese, but Alexis had to make a smiley face with her pepperoni. 

I fixed mine as sausage with LOTS of sausage. 

On Sunday, after church, I took the girls home. Hubby had a rare Sunday off. We drove over into the mountains. I'll share are day with you on Tuesday's blog. 

Hope everybody has a great Monday. 


Very excited!

My weekend is off to a great start. My granddaughter Alexis spent the night. We are picking up my other granddaughter Shelby and my daughter Diana to hit a 10 mile yard sale this morning.

I got my new summer catalog last night from Thirty-One. I can't wait to start taking orders from it. There are some awesome patterns and products. I have already started my wish list. 

I have a dear friend, Theresa, who is very thoughtful and always thinking of others. We had dinner together the other night along with some of our Thirty-One sisters. Of course, we had to discuss my obsession for flip flops. She called me yesterday and wanted to meet up because she had something for me. Check it out. Does she know me or what? I just love it. 

Photo: Theresa K. Murr you know me so well my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful gift. I love, love, love it!

Hope you enjoy your day and may it be a flip flop kind of day for you as well. 


Things that caught my eye....

You know I love to scour the internet for ideas. I saw this today and it really caught my eye. I love hobnail milk glass. these are flat on the back for wall hangings. How cute is that?

I used to have a pair of these and I don't know what I did  with them. They are super cute for when you walk on the beach. 

I saw this sign at Kohl's. I fell in love with it. 

I saw these on line. You buy ribbon that is diamonds (fake) and a pretty pearl or diamond stud and put them on plain old Dollar Tree flip flops. I would love to make these with the Granddaughters if I could find the stuff. 

There is an estate sale in a neighboring town tomorrow. This was a photo of the living room. Very vintage but also very feminine.

One of the items at the sale is going to be this hurricane lamp. It has a seashell on it. Be still my heart!

They are also selling this patio furniture. I would like something this bright for my back deck.

A very cute plant stand for the back deck as well.

What has been catching your eye lately?


Yesterday was Administrative Assistant's Day

Yesterday was Administrative Assistant's Day. Some bosses would have bought cards for their assistants and secretaries. 

Some would have given a gift of chocolates.

Perhaps some may have even bought a cake to celebrate the day.

And some generous bosses may even have given his staff each a $50 gift certificate to Kohl's.

And if you worked in my office, our wonderful boss and his wife gave all the women in our office all of the above. 

On top of that, we were bought lunch from Zaxby's. 

It was an awesome day. Thank you Eric and Stephanie. We appreciated every minute of it. 


A new craft project....Button jar

A friend of mine did a jar in burlap and I loved it so I decided to do me one. I made a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday evening to get what I needed. I came home and gathered the supplies. I bought the embellishment in the jewelry department and picked up some burlap and a piece of lace. Everything else I already had at home. 

First I traced the lid and cut out a circle.

I hot glued that to the lid. I didn't want to have the Ball logo showing on my lid. 

Then I glued the lid inside the jar ring. 

Now when I take it off to get in the jar, it will be all one piece.

Next I cut a strip of burlap about 2 3/4" x 11".

I hot glued one edge to the jar.

I worked my way around until the jar was covered. Burlap is very hard to keep straight. Next time I am putting a chalk line around the jar to have a guide line to follow. Once you glue it, you can't move it.

Then I got my lace and my jute string.

I wrapped the lace around the burlap, gluing it about every inch or so.

Next, I tied the jute in a bow around it. 

Next I filled it with buttons. I am going to need more buttons and I want to look for vintage ones, but right now I just used what I had.

Then I glued the embellishment on the front. It has scissors, a button, a little ruler and a flower on it. I am very pleased with the result. 

And the good part is that I had a 40% off on the embellishment and I had most of the stuff around the house. Here is what the entire project cost me out of pocket. 

A cute little jar for just $3.61. You can't beat that.