It's April!

April showers.....well, you know the rest. And I for one have had enough dreary weather so I would be just fine without a lot of April showers this year.

Vintage Calendar, April, illustrated by Richard Scarry

I am so happy that April is here. I have officially declared today National Break Out the Capri Pants and Flip Flops day. I don't care if it is only 47° right now. It is supposed to get up to 77° today so I am wearing them. 

Anyone that knows me knows how much I adore my flip flops. I wait all winter to put them on again and I moan and groan when it is time to put them away. I saw this on Etsy and I just have got to order it.

Inspiration Necklace- "life is better in flip flops" with flip flop charm and an accent bead of your choice

I also found this cute bracelet....but then I saw the price was $99.00 and decided to admire it from afar.

Flip Flop Bracelet Made of sterling Silver

I have decided to be nice this year and not play any April Fool's jokes on anyone. But that didn't stop me from looking up a few. I love this one. 

I'm going to try this on Jonah next year! LOL!

This one really cracked me up. 

No one will touch it! Haha, I should put a HUGE bowl their with an electric car underneath so it moves every once in a while!

And this would be the ultimate joke for me to pull on someone since I take goodies to work all the time. Wish I had seen this before now because I would have done this for sure.

Hope everyone enjoys the first day of April.

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