My day with hubby....

Hubby had a rare day off Sunday. We decided to go to Cosby to check out Carver's.

It is a local apple orchard and we normally buy are apples for apple butter from them. We didn't get to make any apple butter last year and we ran out. I have been dying for some so we thought we would go out and see if they had what we were looking for. 

While we were there, I had to take a look at the basket room. I need to go back and pick me up some. The prices are very reasonable and I love baskets. 

When we made it to the produce division I was thrilled to find Rome Beauty apples. They make the best apple butter in my opinion and they are hard to find at the store at a reasonable price if they even have them.

Since we were so close, we had to swing up to Gatlinburg so I could go to Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in The Village.

I always like to stop in there and get my favorite candy.

It is milk chocolate orange cremes. They are a little price so I rarely treat myself to any. I just got 1/2 pound and I'm trying to make them last. 

After that we came home and relaxed on the front porch and later that evening hubby fixed breakfast for supper. He was off again on Monday so we grilled out burgers for Monday supper. All in all, we have had an amazing two days.

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