Weekend Wrap Up

I'm a little late on my weekend wrap up. I've had a hacking cough for 5 days and have not slept well. It is easing up some and I got some sleep last night so I feel ready to tackle the weekend wrap up. 

Friday night, I made lemon cookies with creamy lemon icing to take to my Thirty One Celebrate & Connect (C & C) meeting on Saturday.

Saturday I headed out to the meeting for a couple of hours of fun with my Thirty-One sisters. We had to do an exercise that included doing selfies. I do not do selfies so this really pulled me out of my comfort zone. I coerced my friend Theresa (R) to take one with me. We didn't realize our two buddies behind us were going to get in on the act. We had a ball with it. 

We got to see the summer line and learn about the new products coming out in May. We each got to go home with our new amenity...the Deluxe Utility Tote. It is bigger than the Large Utility Tote and has a reinforced bottom that will carry up to 100 pounds. I love the flip flop pattern. 

It comes with the carry straps like all the utility totes or it has handles on the sides to carry it. It has three pockets on the front. It is awesome. I just love getting free products. 

After the meeting I ran a few errands then came home to clean the house. I was looking through my holiday boxes trying to find my Easter egg wreath when I stumbled on this little toothpick holder I had forgotten about. I pulled out my milk glass platter and rearranged my table centerpiece for the little ducks to go on.

I love the way it turned out.

I also found my little peeps cup and my Easter tea for one.

I added them to my kitchen Easter display.

I had traded a piece of Pyrex for two milk glass planters. I had a philodendron that I replanted and I found this cute little pink/green plant at Lowe's. I'm taking them to my office where they will get plenty of sunshine.

I was so tired Saturday night so I just laid around and watched TV. Sunday morning, I got up early and while the house was quiet I had a snack and looked through my new Thirty-One Summer catalog to see what all the new items are going to be. I need to work on my wish list. 

Then I headed out to Sunday School and church. We had movie day for the little ones during Sunday School class. They really enjoyed it. I think the teachers enjoyed it as much as they did.

All in all it was a great, relaxing weekend. 

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Terri D. said...

That tote is amazing!! 100 pounds!! Wow. The flipflop pattern is great. I love your seasonal arrangements! You have so many beautiful things. Thanks for sharing!! The plants look fabulous in the milk glass planters and will be so pretty in your new office!