Busy, busy, busy

I am heading out to the store this morning to stock up on groceries. Then I will be going to get my oldest grandson for the weekend. He is 15 and we are going to have a one of our game weekends. We play a variety of different ones. I usually lose, but I am hoping to pic up some Chinese checkers before I get him so maybe I will have a chance of winning at least one game of something.

I am pretty sure we will be playing a lot of Axis and Allies. Keep in mind my grandson is a brilliant strategist and this game is all about strategy. We have been playing it for a year or two and I still don't quite understand the concept and he has to help me decide my moves.....A LOT. Hmmm, that could explain why he always beats me. I may have to try it today without any help.

I am sure that supper will be Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza, breadsticks and wings. That is our favorite meal and since we live just a few minutes from Pizza Hut Express, I usually just run out and pick it up for us.

In the morning, we will heading to Sunday School and Church. Our Pre-K class will be decorating their room for VBS. Our theme this year is Agency D3 - Discover, Decide, Defend. It is spy related so instead of a craft we are going to play a Christian version of I spy for the kindergarten class.

agency d3 vbs | Secret Agents / Detectives Clipart Set — Over 10 Graphics!

Sunday night, VBS kicks off and will run for a week. I am going to make the angel food apple cake for Sunday's dessert. They ask volunteers to bring dessert each night and I usually try to take something simple.

Well, I'm off to go get my game partner. Hope everybody has a great weekend.


Friday Finds

These are some items I saw last week when I was at a few of the local antique stores. I didn't buy any of these items, but I thought I would share some of the more interesting finds our local stores have. Some had good prices; some not so good. The first think I saw made me think of Hanna and Erica over at Thrifting Sisters. They love vintage Christmas and this piece was exquisite.


I couldn't believe I found an entire gooseberry set, but the price was $145 and I just don't pay that much at one time for something. 

This one booth was Pyrex heaven, but all the items I wanted were being sold in the whole set only. 

I love vintage. I love floral. I love pink. Guess you can tell this booth just hit all my sweet spots.

I love milk glass and my favorite is anything hob nail design. I guess I will be going back to the booth on more than one occasion. 

I am not sure why, but I fell in love with this picture. I think it is because of the old oil lamp. We have a couple that belonged to Hubby's grandpa and I just love them.

Another one that I liked. Same reason plus the yarn and knitting needles in it. 

Floral + teacups = I am in heaven. Love, love, love this display.

I love sandwich glass and have never seen such a huge display of it. 

More Pyrex heaven. The only problem was that I had almost everything on here that had a decent price. The things I didn't have but would like to have were too high.

One of those "I should have got these" moments. I may go back this weekend for these cookie cutters.

I thought of getting this for my beach room, but wasn't sure where to put it. 

I love Pyrex mixing bowls and I don't have this pattern. It was in great shape for the price and when you split the price between three bowls it wasn't bad.

More Christmas pics for Erica and Hanna.

These were really vintage lights.

I almost bought these little guys. Wasn't sure if $4.00 each was a good price or not since I haven't bought much vintage Christmas. Does anybody know? 

I just wanted to bring all this home with me. 

Check out that pretty blue. Does anybody know anything about these pieces. I think they said Anchor Hocking but not sure.

Lots of pretty vintage Christmas ornaments.

When we were little, we had what Mommy always called "What-Not shelves". We had a set of these. I remember them so well. She would sometimes get them down and we would get to set at the coffee table and play with them for a few minutes. I loved these. I should have bought them. I may go back and get them.

Being a Thirty-One consultant, we get excited when see something random in the wild that says 31 on it. So I had to take a pic of this to share with my Thirty-One sisters. 

Well, those were some things that caught my eye this past weekend. 


Some summer crafting

My friend, Stevie, is a very talented crafter. She is always coming up with great ideas for things to make. Her recent projects were to "summer-up" her back porch. She has a couple of chairs that she cover the cushions in a pretty material. 

She made these cute pillows to compliment the dotted pattern of the chair. She did the monogramming herself. (Check out her work at www.steviemaraies.com)

She painted a Mason jar and bought some pretty spring flowers to fill it with. 

She hung this sign she had bought.

She painted an old yard sale table and stenciled her last initial. She colored in the stencil using a sharpie. The result was cute. 

Now she has a great little relaxing area on her porch.


Graduation Time....

My granddaughter, Shelby Rayne, graduated from kindergarten last night. Amid all the excitement and bouncing around, she did find time to give me a big hug.

It is amazing how much a child can change in one year. Just last year, she refused to smile, look or talk to a boy. Now she talks to them, cuts up with them, and calls them her friends. 

She was so excited getting ready for the big performances.

I could tell she was trying so hard not to grin when they walked in to the traditional graduation music.

They performed some adorable songs about animals and going to the zoo.

Her favorite line from the songs (and she has been saying it for a couple of weeks) was "When people ask us if we speak rhinocerous, we say "Ofcourseerous. Don't you?"

The big moment when Mrs. Barnes puts her graduation metal on her.

Mrs. Barnes was a fabulous teacher. She really brought Shelby out of her shell. 

Her best friend, Lilly, was in Mrs. Jones class. They were so happy that they got to graduate together.

All of the graduating classes performed the big number together. It's a little blurry. But they did a good job. 

The song  has beautiful words.

With just one small voice
Singing out a song
With just one small voice
Singing sweet and strong
One by one they’ll grow
And together sing along
And then soon all the world
Will be singing


Weekend Wrap Up

I had a yard sale this past weekend with my daughter and her mother-in-law. We had a great time. I picked up these cute little bowls. 

Sunday, Hubby and I went looking at new grills. We have narrowed it down but not bought one yet. I think he wants this one. It has infrared burners and a place for a rotisserie.

We bought some Boston ferns for the front porch. I love them. 

I visited some antique stores this weekend and was thrilled with my finds. I found my very first piece of Pyrex England. I was beyond thrilled. I have never seen any of that line locally. Of course I snatched it up. 

I found this adorable vintage coin purse. My cousin, Patty, collects vintage coin purses and beaded purses so I knew she had to have this. 

When I opened it up, it has a rain bonnet in it.

We went through this tunnel years ago and I never thought to get a thimble for my collection. The lady where I usually buy most of my Pyrex gave me the thimble for free. 

I have been looking for the rectangle Town and Country dish. I was thrilled to find it today. 

You remember I recently bought a tea for two in pink and I already had blue. I made the comment I needed to find a yellow. I never dreamed I would. But this was one of my finds for just $5.00.

A cute little bud vase for just .25 cents.

My little juice glass. I love the red flowers. I must be into red flowers right now since that is my new blog design. I found a new place for free designs and I'm test driving the new look to see how I like it. 

For almost two years, I have wanted the Glasbake tulip baking dish. I never dreamed I would find it. Especially for just $8.00.

I am a huge Garrison Keillor fan, especially his Lake Wobegon. We had these tapes years ago and I don't know what happened to them. Now to find a way to convert them to CD. 

Over all it was a great weekend.