Busy, busy, busy

I am heading out to the store this morning to stock up on groceries. Then I will be going to get my oldest grandson for the weekend. He is 15 and we are going to have a one of our game weekends. We play a variety of different ones. I usually lose, but I am hoping to pic up some Chinese checkers before I get him so maybe I will have a chance of winning at least one game of something.

I am pretty sure we will be playing a lot of Axis and Allies. Keep in mind my grandson is a brilliant strategist and this game is all about strategy. We have been playing it for a year or two and I still don't quite understand the concept and he has to help me decide my moves.....A LOT. Hmmm, that could explain why he always beats me. I may have to try it today without any help.

I am sure that supper will be Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza, breadsticks and wings. That is our favorite meal and since we live just a few minutes from Pizza Hut Express, I usually just run out and pick it up for us.

In the morning, we will heading to Sunday School and Church. Our Pre-K class will be decorating their room for VBS. Our theme this year is Agency D3 - Discover, Decide, Defend. It is spy related so instead of a craft we are going to play a Christian version of I spy for the kindergarten class.

agency d3 vbs | Secret Agents / Detectives Clipart Set — Over 10 Graphics!

Sunday night, VBS kicks off and will run for a week. I am going to make the angel food apple cake for Sunday's dessert. They ask volunteers to bring dessert each night and I usually try to take something simple.

Well, I'm off to go get my game partner. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

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Terri D. said...

I know you are having a blast with your grandson tonight! I was amazed to see that someone else knows about and plays Axis and Allies!! Our grandson played that for a couple of years, and Joe caught on and could play it with him. He is 17 now, and into his guitar and drums,so we haven't seen the game for awhile now. Looking forward to hearing about your evening!