Graduation Time....

My granddaughter, Shelby Rayne, graduated from kindergarten last night. Amid all the excitement and bouncing around, she did find time to give me a big hug.

It is amazing how much a child can change in one year. Just last year, she refused to smile, look or talk to a boy. Now she talks to them, cuts up with them, and calls them her friends. 

She was so excited getting ready for the big performances.

I could tell she was trying so hard not to grin when they walked in to the traditional graduation music.

They performed some adorable songs about animals and going to the zoo.

Her favorite line from the songs (and she has been saying it for a couple of weeks) was "When people ask us if we speak rhinocerous, we say "Ofcourseerous. Don't you?"

The big moment when Mrs. Barnes puts her graduation metal on her.

Mrs. Barnes was a fabulous teacher. She really brought Shelby out of her shell. 

Her best friend, Lilly, was in Mrs. Jones class. They were so happy that they got to graduate together.

All of the graduating classes performed the big number together. It's a little blurry. But they did a good job. 

The song  has beautiful words.

With just one small voice
Singing out a song
With just one small voice
Singing sweet and strong
One by one they’ll grow
And together sing along
And then soon all the world
Will be singing

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Terri D. said...

What a sweet post!! I loved reading this and seeing the photos and video. Just beautiful.