If it's Thursday, it must be hamburgers.

When I was growing up, Daddy got paid on Thursdays. He would get home from work a little after 3:30 and Mom would go to the grocery store to get her weekly groceries. She would come home with a trunk load of those brown paper bags full of food.

She would get the standards of milk, bread, eggs, etc. And she always got Daddy his giant Hershey bar that he kept hidden and would get it out and share with us kids.

She would also get one carton of Pepsi that had to last for a week. There were originally 6 bottles per carton and I remember how excited we got when you could take the bottles back to the store and get 10¢ each for turning them in.

And we always asked for Saps donuts. She would get ice cream and chocolate syrup and we would have donuts and milk shakes one night for a snack.

And no matter what, every Thursday night when she came home from the store and the groceries were all put up, she would fry up hamburgers in that old cast iron skillet. They were the best hamburgers in the world. I would have mine with cheese, pickle and mustard. And we always ate them with Snyder's of Berlin barbecue potato chips on the side. She still makes the best hamburgers in the world and every once in awhile I remember those Thursday night hamburgers and it makes me crave them so I fry one up in my iron skillet. Oh, sweet memories.

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Terri D. said...

Our memories (especially of our moms) are such blessings! Loved reading your post and learning about your mom.