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The whole month of March and most of April, I stressed over one thing. My Easter egg wreath I made last year.

Easter egg wreath. Eggs, floral wire and ribbon from Walmart. Total cost $6.00. For instructions to make this, visit http://mamawsplace4.blogspot.com/2012/03/easter-craft-projects.html

I went straight to the closet I knew it was in. I moved everything around and to get to the area I knew it was in. I opened the box I knew it was in. It wasn't in there. So about once or twice a week I would go digging through everywhere I could think of that I might have kept it. This went on for about 6 weeks. I never could find it. Finally about a week before Easter, I broke down and made another one from leftovers I had on hand. The colors weren't as pretty. I didn't have enough to make a big one so I had to make a mini one. I didn't really like it, but at least I had my wreath. After Easter I took it down and put it somewhere where I could find it next year. Then the other day, I was laying something on the closet shelf and this caught my eye....

You got it. A nice neat box labeled Easter Egg Wreath. After 6 weeks of tearing that closet upside down, how in the world did I ever miss that box!! I guarantee you I will know where to find it next year.


Terri D. said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that happens to! LOL


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